Oh My, That's a Lot of Scenery!

“…and a flat space of about 3’x3’ upon which to play.” (p.5) 
 In Her Majesty's Name provides the player with a great deal of options for building a scenario.  The main rulebook lists ten scenarios, seven scenario complications and 16 landscapes in which to game.  Back it up with a simple campaign system, and you're sorted.  It even suggests a random determination of a metropilitan landscape.  It's that which I'm considering for our upcoming campaign.  One of the main reasons for doing so is that a lot of the buildings I'll need to make will be useful in a number of other settings in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  So here goes!

10.1 & 10.2 City Streets by Day / Night
This one will involve the most work, although I can always cop out using my old 2’ x 2’ cobblestone board I made for Malifaux, defending my choice with the above quote from page five.  This would allow us to use some old buildings, making the project a little easier.  But as I'm not known for taking the easy route, my new TT Combat board plans includes making a number with cobblestones on them.  Add in some drop on terrain, and there we go.
10.3 Courtyards and Alleyways
Honestly?  Can’t we just make a couple more buildings and play about with the above option?  Can’t be that bad, can it?

10.4 The Docks
Hmmm… Add a couple of specific buildings, use the cobbles and make a couple of dockside boards.  How simple is that?

10.5 The City Park
That’ll be green boards with some cobblestone sections.  Maybe even make a bandstand.  There’s a really nice MDF kit of one of those from Sarissa...

10.6 Over the Rooftops
How about using 10.1-10.4 elements and a generous dob of blutak on each base?

10.7 The Factory
Okay, a recurring theme here, but use some of the above buildings and add in a warehouse model as the centrepiece.  Again, I have my eye on one from TT Combat which I can use in modern scenery as well.  The roof comes off so we can game inside.  Sorted. 
10.8 A Night at the Theatre
Well, no.  a lot of work for a one use location where seats will get in the way of the action.  Compromise alert: how about using a raised open air stage idea in a park.  You know, with a nearby bandstand…

10.9 The Great Museum
Erm… If the museum itself wasn’t the action, but rather the surrounding streets, courtyards or alleyways, then we might be able to do something…

10.10 The Old Cemetary
Green boards, elements of the GW Graveyard set, lots of gravestones and we’re there. Not a problem with this one at all.

10.11 The Cathedral
Now I’ve been looking into this one. MDF kits of churches generally start somewhere around £45 and increase in price thereafter. So we can rule that one out. It’s a significant build, and one that may not happen. But you never know. I just doubt it, that’s all. On the other hand, a church in  metropolitan street, or in the countryside should be little bother at all!

10.12 The Shunting Yard
I like the idea of this one. Just need a railway track and some station or other.

It’s also worth noting that I have a nice mansion we can use for a country home. On green boards.

Therefore, an adapted Metropolitan Landscapes Table for our games could look something like this:

Metropolitan Landscapes
City Streets (10.1 & 10.2)
Courtyards and Alleyways (10.3)
The Docks (10.4)
The City Park (10.5)
Over the Rooftops (10.6)
The Warehouse (10.7)
The Manor House
The Old Cemetery (10.10)
The Cathedral (10.11)
The Shunting Yard (10.12)

Personally, I think this is a pretty decent variety of locations.  And although they are being made for IHMN in particular, they will do pretty much anywhere for the Victorian to modern European region. 

Looks like I'd best get to work...!


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