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The First Sausageman of the Inglorious '45!

  Hi everyone, I thought I'd share my painting of this, the first Sausageman of the Inglorious '45.  If you haven't seen the origin of this project for Too Fat Lardies' most excellent Sharp Practice, you can read all about it  here  and  here .  The model I'm painting is representative of The Duke of Cumberland's 1st Footguards, whose facings are blue.  These are painted with VMC Ultramarine Blue and given a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone Shade.  But I get ahead of myself, because you need to undercoat the model before hand.   Undercoat According to my notes, I undercoated this model with VMC 70.862 Black Grey.  Normally I'd have used black, but I had run out at the time, so this was the next best thing.  Why do I use black for my undercoat?  Well, because I tend to paint from darkest tones up to the highlight.  Having a black undercoat allows me to play about with the ratio of water to paint and get some smooth layers between these extremes of colour.  As

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