Modern City Scenery for ATZ

Time for a quick progress update.  Firstly, the drain holes painted black before they are attached to the boards.  It's much easier to do this now rather than later.

Then the pavement sections were stuck onto the 2' square pieces of foamcore.
Proud of the achievement, I went ahead and painted the first of two coats of grey on one of the boards.  Foamcore soaks up the paint like you wouldn't believe on the first coat.  As I had managed to use even more paint than I had hoped, and filled up my dining table, this brought a premature end to my efforts last night.  I checked back before bed, and was surprised to find the paint still wet and no warpage at all.  I retired for the night, interested to see how much they might warp by the morning...
 Enough to cause a problem then!
Thankfully I had a window first thing this morning to glue the foamcore boards to the polystyrene sheet.  Spending 20 minutes or so now, would allow everything to dry during the day so I could carry on with the next stage tonight.
 As you can see, the painted sheet needed weighing down.  Fortunately I had some rather hefty files I was able to put to use!
 As for the others, they went on with no trouble at all!


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