Sylvaneth Spite Revenats

 I had a lot of fun painting these gorgeous models from Games Workshop's Sylvaneth line for Age of Sigmar.  So I thought I'd give you a quick look at some in progress shots to let you see how \I went about painting them...

First up, my usual Vallejo Black Grey undercoat.  And yes, I apply this with an old brush.  

I then apply a dark brown for the bark.  Honestly, you're going to need to squint if you're going to notice the difference in this next photo, but it is there, honest!

I then begin adding successively lighter tones to the wood as you can see in this next photo...

Then it's time to add some colour to the branches for some variation.

Work then begins on the flesh tones.

This is a long process of layering and wet blending.  

With the bases painted, drybrushed and all stones picked out ina mix of khaki and stone grey, I then add a new base coat of Vallejo Blue Grey to the sharp blades they have for fingers. 
And then I add thin layers of a pale blue and green, and let them bleed into one another.  After that, it's time to do all the edge highlighting in white.  
Base edges painted in my usual trademark black, and gold trinkets painted and shaded.  And that's them all ready for having some basing material applied.

The finished result (with a good half dozen different basing products applied)...

And as always, thanks for stopping by!