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The Wargamers' Chicken and Egg Conundrum

I'm not leaving this one just in the evolutionist's court.  I think it also applies to wargaming in general, and myself in particular.

Except this isn't about chickens and eggs, though it bears a number of similarities.  No.  This is about miniatures and gaming boards.  But a title like that has probably wouldn't resonate in the way chickens versus eggs probably does.  Unless you've been behaving like an ostrich for years with your head firmly implanted in the sand.  Which also loosely fits this post...

Right, so now I've got you all confused, let me explain...!

So, some people spend a lot of time trying to decide which came first - the chicken or the egg?  If you're an evolutionist I guess your answer should be an amoeba, as that's the first single cell life form from which everything else comes.  Which rather proves that the answer lies in a very different direction to that suggested by the question, but there we go.

But I digress.

Because I want to …

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