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I Need a Hobby Desk! No, Wait. I So Don't!

I think this is one of those posts that almost doesn't need writing. Not since the title kinda gives it away. Or maybe it doesn't...

So while I've got you completely flummoxed and wondering why you even clicked the link to get you here in the first place, let me explain. Or at least try to....!

I've had one of those awkward hobby moments when you actually learn something valuable. The valuable lesson I've learned is simply this: having lots of space to lay out your hobby is definitely not a good thing for me. This, you'll understand, is not the same for everyone. Not is it the general consensus.

I don't have much of an online presence, but my YouTwitFace feeds are often filled with the kind of gratuitous snaps of hobby desks captioned with 'look at my layout' or 'Ooh, look! I tidied it up!' that you kinda feel left like you're pressing your face against the pane of glass of some proverbial shop window, desperate to have one of your own.…

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