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IHMN 10: Turning Back Time!

In the last episode, our brave heroes had travelled to the future.  They found themselves in a dystopian nightmare ruled by the undead.  They learned that the secret to reanimating the dead, first discovered by the Society of Thule, had been augmented by the nefarious schemes of a mad scientist by the name of Herr Doktor Kobalt.  In an attempt to ensure the longevity of its instigators, the Doktor had procured an elixir of life.  Those who had established the Thousand Year Reich would live to see every year of it.  
However, there were two problems.  
Furst, the elixir had been obtained from the fell Draugr.  You'd have thought that would have served as a warning to the Doktor.  But it didn't.  This, of course, adds further weight to the theory that being a Nazi twat is detrimental to your brain cell count.  
Second, the aforementioned Nazi Doktor twat hadn't counted on the tenacity of Sir Rupert Utterly-Barkinge and the ever-faithful Private Gathering.  They had witnesse…

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