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The Great Big 15mm WWII Turnaround

You may remember a post from a few months ago.  In it, I spoke about the problem I was having trying to paint 15mm miniatures from Battlefront.  If you can't remember this and want to get up to speed, you can read the post here.  Let me be clear.  There was nothing wrong with the models.  There was nothing wrong with trying out a new scale.  But there was one problem.


I couldn't figure out what I was doing with them.  I now know that the largest part of the problem was my approach.  I was trying to paint them as I would a 28mm model.  And that way madness lies.

And then, as if all that wasn't enough, I found myself falling prey to the well-intentioned but soul-destroying comments I was receiving on various social media platforms.  The bases were too big for a 15mm model.  I needed smaller ones.  Quite how I was going to be able to pick them up if they were much smaller is completely beyond me, but there you go.

So I did what many others would do in such circumstances.…

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