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TFL CoC: Progress with the Deutsche Afrikakorps

I have to confess, I'm getting really excited to be able to bring Chain of Command to my tabletop.  I'm going to be gaming the North Africa campaign in 28mm. For this, as I'm sure you'll remember, I'm using the beautiful plastic miniatures from the Perry Twins.  I'm building both my Deutsche Afrikakorps and British 8th Army forces from a single box.  As I've experienced, you need to add some more figures to make a DAK platoon compliant with the army list, but this is no problem. I talk about the way of doing this here and add a slight amendment I hadn't accounted for here. I chose to buy a single troop frame from Second City Games on eBay. He's my go-to seller for such things. Fast dispatch in jiffy bags. And this frame came with the sheet from the box, which I thought was a lovely touch.   In doing this, I discovered that it's not just MG-34's you're short of in the platoon box.  You're also short of some rifles.  Three in fact.  Thi…

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