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Desert Boards

North Africa 1941.  The Sudan.  Afghanistan.  Heck, some post-apocalypse gaming (quite probably with giant worms!) All these settings require an appropriate ground covering to make them possible.  And desert boards are something I've long wished to have, but never been able to get round to for one reason or another.
Until now.  (I know, it's exciting, right?)
Of course, the real question was all about how to make this happen.  I spoke about a gaming mat in a recent post.  But I decided against that.  Much as I wanted to have a go I was worried about the longevity of such an option.  I'd go for a gaming mat as many people tend to do so these days.  The appeal is very clear to me.  They don't take up a lot of space compared to modular gaming boards (which are my wont) and they are easy to set up.  
But personally, I don't like the lack of texture on them. Or the sheen that some have.  And being an adopted grippy Aberdonian, I didn't want to risk it.
So instead I…

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