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Smoke Markers for Chain of Command

So last week I was able to introduce a good friend of mine to Chain of Command in North Africa 1941.  I'd made sure I had everything ready.  Or so I had thought.  It soon became obvious that I needed some 3" circular markers to represent the smoke laid down by the British 8th Army 2" mortar.   And I hadn't even thought to make any.  So here's how I went about solving that problem...
First, I went online and ordered some 75mm diameter 2mm MDF circular bases. The best deal I could find at the time was 6 for £2.20, post free. Once they arrived, I was able to get to work on them.

I looked out my desert mix (which you can find out all about here!) and some glue to use.

Now, I really like using superglue. I get seven tubes from Poundland for, well, take a guess how much!  Why do I prefer this over PVA?  Well, I often use my own base mix for my models.  This gets applied before I paint the figures, so it gets done before the undercoat goes on.  And because I use my acr…

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