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OTP Terrain North African Scenery

Earlier this year I had the opportunity of introducing a good friend of mine to the world of Chain of Command.  This came on the back of painting British and German forces for North Africa 1941, which was a major achievement for me.  (You can follow this thread here.)  Being asked to game with them so soon afterwards was the icing on the cake.    So I began to turn my attention to consider the scenery I would need.

Now, buildings for North Africa aren't the most difficult buildings to make, and considering some of the different things I've attempted over the years, you may be surprised to hear that I went ahead and ordered some.

I'd been searching for inspiration, when I came across OTP Terrain in Australia.  And I have to say that what I saw blew my mind.  Honestly, take a look at all the awesome stuff they do.  Anyhoo, I was drawn to their North Africa range, and in particular their damaged buildings.

I know I'm going to be using these for North Africa in 1941, but …

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