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The Sausagemen of the Inglorious '45

So, just in case you haven't quite figured it out quite yet, I abso-bloomin'-lutely love rules by the Too Fat Lardies.  Sharp Practice has been a firm favourite for many years. But as the good friends I game with don't normally game historics, it falls to myself to introduce them to the fun of TFL games. So, over the last few years as limited income allowed, I've been gradually building up forces for A LOT of different periods. Needless to say, most haven't been completed yet. Really wish they had been, but alas, no.
Well, all that's about to change. As you can read in one of my recent posts, I had the privilege of being a part of Virtual Lard 3 on 3rd October. During that weekend, I found myself blethering with Doug about ITLSU and TotW (that's If the Lord Spares Us and Triumph of the Will if those consonant clusters didn't mean anything to you.) And we discovered a kindred experience: collecting two armies so you can introduce others to the joys of Lar…

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