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I Can See Clearly Now, the Fear Has Gone...!

I hope you can forgive the lack of posts in recent months. This would seem even more out of the ordinary given that we're all in the grip of a global Pandemic, and most of us either have, or still are in lockdown.  I don't know about you, but my social media feed is full of everyone's latest project and roll call of the number of miniatures they have been able to paint since life has been put on hold.  In contrast, I've hardly posted, tweeted or shared anything. 
Sure, one big reason for this is the fact that I've continued to work. And it's been busy. Yes, the way I go about it has been affected by lock down restrictions. But it's been a creative process rather than a restrictive one. And innovation and silver linings to clouds thinking (a term wot I have made up myself) can be good things at any time.  
But here's where things become even more remarkable in my experience: despite being busy, I've actually painted a lot more stuff than I would normal…

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