Jump Off Points and Patrol Phase Markers for Chain of Command

So, a while back I had this crazy notion of working on the Jump Off Points for Chain of Command.  I'd had this idea rattling round my brain for quite a while.  And although I'd had a mixed and worrying experience trying to paint the first of my British 8th Army models, I didn't want that experience to get in the way of trying out my idea.

The premise was a simple one.  I wanted something that would be instantly recognisable as a Jump Off Point on the table.  Preferably something that allowed me to paint something a little different from the usual support options.  I wanted to incorporate flags into the bases.  Anyhoo, you can read how I went about doing this for the British here.

So, fast forward from February to now, and I'm delighted to say that I've just got round to finishing them.  So without further ado, here they are...

Of course, I couldn't leave out my Deutsches Afrikakorps now, could I?  However, I was a  bit disappointed with my original plans for them.  In a word, they were, well, boring.  Add a couple of models onto them and the design would effectively become lost.

So I went online and did a bit of searching.  Of course, if you type 'Nazi Flag' into your search engine of choice, you'll end up with two results.  An awful lot of swastikas and set the interweb thought police hot on your tail.  Now, I've got to be honest.  I wanted a swastika on my Jump Off Points.  Not because my politics are even in the slightest right wing.  Not because I want to annoy anyone.  But simply because it's the Second World War and not having one just feels... wrong.

You can see in the following photos the design I went for.  And whilst I painted the Union Flag on the British JOPs, there was a distinct lack of line drawings that I could colour in myself  (who'd have thunk?!)  So when I found the design that I wanted, I simply copied it and used Publisher to get it to the right size.

The models were spares from the extra frame of Perry Miniatures I'd purchased to complete the Schutzen.  The why and the wherefore for doing so are all discussed in this post.  If nothing else, it gave me an opportunity to use some of the spare weapons.

And with everything assembled, painted and glued in place, here's the final result:

Of course, that just left some Patrol Phase Markers.  My printer came in handy once again with images I sourced off t'interweb.  Here they are:
Roll on Chain of Command in North Africa!

This is going to be AWESOME!


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