Sir Rupert Utterly-Barkinge's NEW WORLD DISORDER

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and you hiding away at the back, I have an announcement.  I'm sure by now you are all aware of the excellent rules produced by The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, Messrs Craig Cartmell and Charles Murton.  I discovered the rules through what was the then newly-emerging Osprey Wargames series, which I think most of us now refer to affectionately as the 'Blue Books'.  Not only are they incredibly fun to play, they are also incredibly fun to play about with.  In Her Majesty's Name shares the same rules concepts as their subsequent Daisho, Blood Eagle and IHMN Gothic.  Their newest venture, Thud and Blunder does the same, and I hope to be able to game this in the near future, all being well.

Now, because these rulebooks share a common framework of rules, it has often been postulated that you could take factions from each of the rules and put them together. Vikings could face off against Samurai and so on.  Just so long as you're not a time purist.

So when the opportunity came round for us to launch into In Her Majesty's Name (which we did after playing what can only be described as an absolutely epic Blood Eagle Campaign), well, we took all this for the wonderful sandbox that it is.  And without the umbrella of a a properly formulated campaign to fall back on, we decided to play about with the whole Victorian Science Fiction genre.  And what follows is the result of months of joyful wargaming.

No dice rolls were fudged in the playing of this campaign...honest...

In which Sir Rupert Utterly-Barkinge's Expeditionary Company have a rather unpleasant encounter with the Black Dragon Tong. In the Wild West.  What is happening?  Why isn't Sir Rupert shooting anything that moved down in Africa?  And if that's a Yeti, why isn't it melting in the heat? All these questions (and a few more no doubt) will be raised as you read the start of this campaign...

In which our intrepid heroes bid farewell to Stiff Gulch and wave a hearty hello to Wurts Ranch, pursued by the Black Dragon Tong (boo...hissssss!)  Could the Boxers be any further away from their impending rebellion?  Can we ever pass off the Yeti as a Sasquatch?  And what do those pesky Pinkerton agents want...?  You want answers?  You're not the only one...

 In which our ongoing, B-Movie-like Saturday Matinee plotted campaign plumbs new depths in the pursuit of some sensible answers to all these shenanigans.

In which we throw together The Black Dragon Tong, a Yeti, The Wild West, Secret Agents, and most importantly the hero of the hour, Sir Rupert Utterly-Barking.  Oh, and a clockwork pigeon.  Honestly, what more could you want?

In which the Black Dragon Tong gives chase to Sir Rupert's Expeditionary Company who, in turn, are  giving chase to the now-fixed clockwork pigeon.  And at all their heels is death.  Literally.  Actually.  Zombies.  Zeds.  Nazi ones no less.  Lots of them.  In 1885.  Don't ask me what's going on.  It's probably some part of a horrifically complex plot we've concocted (or found ourselves with our backs written against the proverbial wall.  Only time will tell what will happen with all this.  Only one thing is sure.  The Explorer's Club back in London is not happy about all this.  Not one little bit.

Episode 6: Barn Dash Macabre
In which our perplexing slice of Victorian Science Fiction becomes even more... well... perplexing.  Read on to discover the Dragon Lady, the Black Dragon Tong, an Englishman on tour, Nazi Zeds, a yeti disguised as a Sasquatch, the Secret Service and something vaguely resembling a 1940's Citroen.  Just don't ask too many questions...

Episode 7: Something Goes Jump in the Smog
In which, contrary to all expectation, something even crazier than all that Kung Fu fightin', fast as lightning Nazi Zed bashin' takes place.  Yes, things are about to go a little bit borderline gothic in these here parts...

Episode 8: A Rift in Time
In which our intrepid heroes continue their fight against Yetis in their quest to avoid mediocrity and advance the plot of this convoluted and yet still thrilling tale.  Stare agog in awe at the return of the Citroen Time Machine!  Try not to worry about the fate that has befallen Bad Jack!  And please ignore me hiding in the corner trying to plug the holes in our plot line.  Honestly, you couldn't make all this up.  No, seriously, you couldn't!

Episode 9: Living the Nightmare
In which we enter a dystopian version of the future. It's too scary to think about to be honest. Just read on, coz it's worth the journey.  Just have a hankie to hand is all I'm saying...

Episode 10: Turning Back Time
In which Sir Rupert Utterly-Barkinge's New World Disorder reaches its epic, nail-biting climax!  Can his much depleted Expeditionary Company put a stop to the evil Society of Thule's future legacy?  What will they face in this journey into the past?  Will the Black Dragon Tong make an appearance?  Or will they face an even more despicable foe?  Read on friend to find everything explained!


  1. Looks great, as usual for your stuff.

  2. Clever, gathering all the reports like this.
    It was quite a good campaign it seems and I love the framework and rules you used. Excellent reports, all of them!


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