Faster than a Lazy Snail...(or Should that Be Frog...?!?)

I've long wanted to game the Napoleonic period.  It's been the usual things though that have held me back.  You know, time and money.  Both of these have been in short supply.  It's not a cheap period to get into, and the amount of time it takes me to paint figures can make this sort of thing a complete non starter.
Of course, a number of years ago, Perry Miniatures (probably my favourite sculptors ever, period) produced their first set of Napoleonic Plastics.  At that point things became more affordable.  Of course, they were producing a range to cover the Hundred Days.  I was wanting to game the Spanish Peninsular.  You know, just to be awkward.  
Then along came Vitrix Limited.  And although their miniature appeared more cartoony for want of a better description, I read that they were scale compatible with Perry.  Over the ensuing months I began to purchase some of their boxes.  
Sometime after that my search for a ruleset with which to use the miniatures led me to the concept of large scale skirmish.  This in turn led me to Sharp Practice.  And although the system has recently had a complete overhaul which a lot of people are getting very exited about on social media, its the original edition I purchased and which I am working towards gaming.
And here's where the second problem comes in.  Painting.  For many years I procrastinated on this project.  I quickly sidestepped it due to fears of not being able to paint them well enough.  Fears about using the right colours.  Fears about doing a bad job and not ever having the courage to put my painted minis on a table because they didn't make the grade.  Fear that I'd never get that far anyway as there'd be too many figures to paint.
And then, at the tail end of last year when through no fault of my own the funding finally brought to an end a career I'd had for 22 years and I started a new career with very little income but the opportunity for a bright future in a few years, I realised that I could have another go at my Napoleonics for next to no financial outlay.  Which appealed to me no end, I can tell you.  And as I made the Victrix figures and began applying the paint, I completely fell for them.  Although they are very fiddly to make and paint, the result is more than worth the effort, I can tell you.
All of which leads me to announce that I have completed my first eight man Grenadier group for Sharp Practice!  I honestly never thought I'd get even this far.  And truth be told, without my friends on G+ and Facebook in partcular, I doubt I'd have even managed this.  
So a huge, sincere and very grateful thank you to all my friends out there in SocialMediaLand who have +1'd, Liked and commented such kind encouragements to me.  Its been quite mindblowing.
Seriously.  Thank you all.


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