Iron Mammoth's Laser Cut Furniture

Last week I was happily browsing through my Facebook Groups feed when I noticed a post from David Drage.  He'd just uploaded some photos of his latest designs for some laser cut MDF furniture for wargaming.  If you've got a copy of the aforementioned AFoKF then you'll know how useful it can be to have some chairs and tables and back alley accessories to hand to use as improvised weapons.  (And if you don't have a clue what I am on about, go out and buy these excellent rules now!) You may remember that David helped me out with an amazing surprise gift when I was trying to figure out how to make some decent cobblestone base boards.  You can read all about that here.  

Suffuce to say, I'm mightily impressed by what I saw.  So I naturally messaged David to ask if he could send me a set of the dining table and chairs. I wasn't the only one to do so. And I have to say I received so much more! (I hope you're noticing the recurring generosity of this gentleman!)  And thanks to Derek, who acted as courier, this is what I actually received:

Yes, the MDF equivalent to a lead mountain! 
Just take a look at the Sofa and Armchairs set.  That's made in a wonderfully ingenious way using the thickness of the MDF (which is 4mm deep).  I can't wait to make these!
All the other kits are made from 2mm MDF.
Here's a wonderful skip alongside Picnic Bench A (which looks so awesome I don't know what a B version could possibly do to improve it!)  It's joined in the next photo with Park Bench A.  Needless to say, these will all be used in my ATZ games, as well as aFoKF, Mad Dogs with Guns, Pulp Alley, Force on Force to name just a few.  The Park bench is already making me want to create a Victorian Park for IHMN...
Add to all that, David has made three sets of chair designs and some tables.  I have to say, Chair Design A is simply amazing, replete as it is with Queen Anne legs.  These alone are now making me want to model a mansion to house them...
Now I'm afraid I haven't had time to make any of these wonderful kits yet. I've spent what little time I have had drooling over them. They don't deserve a rush job.

I know I like to scratch build my scenery.  And I do so with some pretty cheap materials as you know.  Could I make something like this myself?  Well, I could probably come up with something similar. But it couldn't be as intricately detailed as these.  I doubt I'd be able to make chairs that could even get close to the accuracy as these.  And there's absolutely no way that whatever I'd make could be as durable and long-lasting as David's Laser Cut Furniture.  Which is why I've never tried.  And thanks to David, I don't have to!

So why am I rushing to write this post then? Well, truth be told, David has made these more for the fun of designing them than anything else. They aren't part of some marketing strategy to take over the world. Having said that, David will be at Carronade in Falkirk this Saturday 13th May. He's booked a table at the Flea Market where he will be selling some of these for an unbelievably good price.  So if you're going, pop over and say hello.  He's a thoroughly decent gent with a passion for design.  I know my gaming tables will benefit mightily from his work.  It'd be nice if some more gamers might have that opportunity.

To check out more of David's wonderful work, please visit his blog Iron Mammoth.

And if you fancy a trip to Falkirk, you should head to Carronade this coming weekend, 13th May.


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