Can We Please Chill a Bit More?

I do fear that there's too much being made on social media about doing things during this time of lockdown. It all seemed to happen so quickly, as if it was a natural response. But it's not. There's nothing natural about it whatsoever. 

According to the prevalent view, we all have to find meaning in our lives by filling out time with doing stuff.  Honestly? It's as if not doing so would somehow be bad. 


Is taking a rest a bad thing? 

Do I need to eat a lump of lettuce, kale and rabbit food marinated in tofu and Herby lime before spending an hour playing keepie up with a toilet roll before reorganising my home, redecorating two rooms a day, redesigning my kudos and performing squat thrusts every ten minutes for a quarter of an hour whilst recording myself singing off key to camera with a tempo that's about as regular as chaos theory?


Get. A. Life.

But let's not delude ourselves. We Wargamer's aren't any better. Not by what I've seen in the last few weeks. 
No, we're all going, oh help? I can't wargame! Is there something I can use on Steam to feel like I'm wargaming coz I can't survive without a game? Can I use Zoom / Skype / Messenger / FaceTime / Duo or whatever to game online with my friends? Or, we're all counting up the days we've been in this sorry mess (you know, coz that's helpful) and charting our progress in the next big project we've committed ourselves to since everyone else is talking about the hundreds of miniatures they're going to paint in the next few weeks. Oh, and did you know I'm going to spend a fortune on new projects, coz impending unemployment doesn't mean a careful stewarding of our resources. No, it means bring on the bankruptcy.


Look, would you please just stop for a moment?  Step off this invisible treadmill you've put yourself on. Take stock. 

By all means, enjoy your hobby. But the key word there is enjoy.  Don't commit yourself to some stupid and unobtainable deadline. Paint because you want to. Make something. Use the lockdown to get a bigger perspective. Spend time with loved ones. If you can't get out to see them, for pity's sake call them or video chat with them. 

And for the love of everything that's decent, look up to the sky. It's big. We're not. 

And then, may be, just maybe, when all this is over, we may be incredibly blessed to have a better perspective on things. We'll have enjoyed our hobby. Invested time infamily and friends. Stopped thinking we're the centre of the universe.

Because I know for a fact that as I write, in the UK alone by sunset today, 3605 people never got the chance to do that.

What am I saying? Simply this. Stay safe. Stay in. Speak to those you love. Chill, don't stress. And when it's finally safe for us to get back to normal, let's not. Let's get back to better.


  1. Thank you. Been missing your weekly words of wisdom. X

    1. Hi Kathleen! Welcome to my world of hobby! And thank you for your kind words. I'm officially humbled you join me here!

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  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jack. Pleasure to see you here!

  4. Nice to hear some common sense amongst all the noise we have been seeing on-line lately!


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