All Things Zombie: The One with All the Episodes!

I confess I've been getting all nostalgic recently.  Personally, I blame our In Her Majesty's Name campaign we're running at the moment.  We've encountered some Zombies.  This, you'll understand has made me long for another All Things Zombie campaign.  Another one you say?  Yes, back in October 2014 through to the summer of 2015 Derek and I began playing the original 2005 Origins Award-winning All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames.  In my humble opinion, it's still far and away the best Zombie game out there.  I've read a lot of other rules sets, but nothing compares with the sheer gut-wrenching and bowel-loosening terror a game of ATZ generates.  You simply have no idea what is going to happen next.  

Of course, the rules have been updated.  I have them.  They're brilliant.  we will play a whole new campaign with them at some point in the future.  But in the meantime, if you'll permit the indulgence, I decided to collect all the episodes together in one post.  By simply clicking each Episode (which is highlighted in a different colour from the rest of the text) you'll be taken to the relevant post.  

I hope you enjoy reading this adventure as much as we enjoyed playing each session!

In a bid to collate the AAR's that tell the story of our ATZ campaign from across my blog, I'm posting links to the articles on my blog in order.  This one pretty much tells the backstory of my gang, paving the way for all the fun that follows!

Episode One: The Apocalypse Finally Strikes!
In which we quickly realised this is going to be a lot harder than we thought.  And we didn't expect to survive so well in the first place...

Episode Two: Outbreak Plus 14
The one where the REPs start going down...

Episode Three: A Dark Night in Zedville

The one where it starts going dark, funnily enough...

Episode Four: 'Twas the Last Zedfest Before Christmas

In perhaps the least Christmassy Christmas episode ever, I present the one where we lose Jenny.  

Episode Five: Last Stand at Zedfest Central

The one with Kendra, Pam and the Bazinator, the one where we actually manage to rescue some survivors who join us in the quest to escape Zedfest Central. 

Episode Six: 36 Zeds on an ATZ Board
The one with all the Zombies...

Episode Seven: Breakout!
The one where we see how everyone's doing after the loss of Lori and Carl.  Seriously, how bad can it get? Really?  That bad?  Oh...

Episode Eight: One Minute I'm in Central Park
(Why Should I Worry?)
The one that kickstarts the whole song references in the titles...  It's a walk in the park for crying out loud!  How hard can it be?  Yeah, I am noticing a recurring trend here...

Episode Nine: We're All Going on a Summer Holiday
The one where we actually survive uninjured and almost double the size of our Gang! 

Episode Nine Point Five: I'm Dreaming of Some Nice SurvivorsThe one where we have a look at the progress made by our gangs of survivors and celebrate the Red Mistifying of 85 Zeds!

Episode 11 (Coz I Can't Count): Now I Gotta Cut Loose... The one where we make a break for the countryside.  Just as soon as we pick up some supplies, that is!

Episode Twelve: Put Your Foot Down and Drive
The one where we fill the streets with abandoned cars, cover the board with 36 Zeds and then try and drive through the resultant chaos.  Did we enjoy it?  You bet we did!

Episode Thirteen: Always Look on the Bright Side of (Un)Life
The one where all we have to do is cross an intersection and walk into a Diner. How hard can that possibly be? Oh, don't worry about all those Zeds wandering about. I'm sure they're harmless...

Episode Fourteen: And Now, the End is Near...
The one where we leave the diner, are swamped by Zeds crossing the road, fail to find any survivors, and ultimately lose more than TheBendyBuz.  Honestly, anyone'd think there was an apocalypse on or something!

Episode Fifteen: Take Me Home, Country Roads!
The one where we get out of the city, take to some country roads, and stumble across a Ranch House. Will there be any survivors?  Will there be any Zeds?  Click the link below to find out as I report on our first game of ATZ in a rural environment!

Episode Sixteen: What's That Coming Over the Hill... Is It a Zedfest?
The one where a foray out in the sticks attracts a humungous horde of Zeds.  These in turn follow the screaming sports car back to the Ranch.  And ooh, look!  The FBI guy has managed to crash his car right through the middle of the defensive barrier.  That's a bonus, right?


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