Aethelweard's Fate Can Be in Your Hands!

I have to be completely honest.  I've been blown away by the number of hits my Blood Eagle Saga has received.  Even more amazing has been the number of kind and appreciative comments it has received both here on the blog and across various social media platforms.  Thank you one and all for your continued support and encouragement!
If you fancy having a go at our Saga, I'm posting the plans we had in place to tell our epic tale.  It was written by my good friend Derek who fielded the Draugr against me. And yes, I have have checked and he's happy for me to share his hard work on my blog!  But with a little tweaking there's no need to feel constrained to using Draugr and Anglo-Saxons in your own retelling of this Saga.


Battle 1
A Draugr raiding party has been sighted...
Battle: 10.1.1 The Raid
Complications: 10.2.3 Fog/Mist
Landscape: 10.3.4 Village
Draugr win: Battle 2
Anglo-Saxons win: Battle 2a

Battle 2
Making off with the loot, or running for your life...
Battle 2: 10.1.2. Making Off with the Spoils
Complications: 10.2.4 Twilight
Landscape:10.3.10 Moorland
Battle 2a: 10.1.11 Get to the Ships
Complication: 10.2.10 Hidden Enemy/Authorities
Location: 10.3.10 Moorland
Draugr win: Battle 3
Anglo-Saxons win: 3a

Battle 3
Information about an ancient artefact is required...
Battle 3: 10.1.4 Bring them Back Alive
Complications: None
Location: 10.3.14 Marshes
Battle 3a: 10.1.10 Escort and Ambush
Complications: None
Location: 10.3.14 Marshes
Draugr win: Battle 4
Anglo-Saxons win: Battle 4a

Battle 4
Get that artefact at all costs!
Battle 4: 10.1.3 The Sacred Banner
Complication: 10.2.1 Sacred Land
Location: 10.3.4 Village (with church!)
Battle 4a: 10.1.3 The Sacred Banner
Complication: 10.2.12 Consecrated ground
Location: 10.3.4 Village (with church!)
Winner receives 11.5 Rewards for success (p.95) - Scouts

Battle 5
Hunting the legendary beast for ingredients for the ritual...
Battle: 10.1.14 The Wild Hunt
Complication: 10.2.3 Fog/Mist
Location: 10.3.9 Forest

Battle 6
Could this be the end of the world?
Battle: 10.1.16 Stop the Ritual
Location: Stone Circle

Battle 7
Run to the hills...
Battle: 10.1.9 Death at their Heels
Complication: 10.2.7 Stormy Weather
Location: 10.3.10 Moorland


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