Building Bavaria '45: Part Five

Well as you probably guessed, I utterly failed to meet my self-imposed deadline to get this scenery ready for a game that should have taken place last night. Work well and truly scuppered my plans. However, I can't complain as the extra work means our family can eat. And at the end of the day, that's more important.
 So by means of an apology, here are a few photos to show how far I've been able to get.
 A lot of scuttry work on the windows. Sixteen of them to be exact. But as you know, I love this sort of thing!
 From the inside they'really nothing much to look at. But at least you can see the doors and ample proof that I'may making all this from old POS foam core and cereal packet card.
I'm hoping to get some more time on this project at the tail end of this week when I'll be able to begin working on the roof.


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