Building Bavaria '45 Day Two

Okay, so this is a little confusing.  Here I am in the middle of day three, writing about what I did yesterday.  What can I say?  Yesterday was a busy day.  Not so much for my project as it was for everything else.  So I put my effort into getting as much done as I could in the time that I had.  Of course, I awoke with a similar determination today.  So it took until a few minutes ago for me to realise that i hadn't blogged about yesteday's activities.  So although it's technically Day Three, here's what i did in Day Two before I get back to Day Three...which I'll blog about later today, all being well!
Day two began with the completion of the Stadthaus tunnel.  It's a relatively simple job, but it just adds a necessary finishing touch.  It makes a nice view as you can see from the following photograph.
 I then began to work on one more building.  This would represent a family home and will be placed in a different quarter of the finished board to the other three buildings.
And when all the pieces are assembled for the dry fit, yu end up with this:

Sadly, time was rather limited so I was unable to do much else.  However, I did spend a lot of time musing about what to do next.  I want to make sure they have a smooth finish, and one thing these joins don't do is give a smooth finish.  There are of course a number of ways to resolve this.  The buildings could be sized and then covered with a layer of polyfiller.  The long way of achieving a similar result would be to size the building and then press on a thin layer of air drying clay.  Both of these options are great for covering over and leveling out any inconsistencies in the surface.  Once thoroughly dry, they need to be sanded vertically and can then be carved into with dental probes to create some stunning results.  However, as I am working on a budget of basically zilch and I have neither option in the house, I won't be doing either of these.

This of course leaves me with one remaining option.  And I have more than enough of the stuff in the house.  So tune into day three and see what I'm up to!


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