Two Changes of Direction...In One Day!

Well today has presented me with two unexpected changes of direction.  I had thought I would continue either painting my Anglo-Saxons for Blood Eagle, continue work on my Chinatown scratch build, or maybe be a bit radical and do both.  Today, I've done neither.

Every time I use my Hexon boards for a game, I remind myself to finish off flocking my second box.  Let me explain.  I have been happily using one box for a lot of games, simply because this was all I needed.  When we needed a 6' x 4' gaming surface, I simply used my old flocked polystyrene boards, despite the fact they have been falling apart for a long time now.  When it came to the layout for the Town with No Name, I needed some dirt roads to run through the middle of the town.  My solution (after the usual months of indecision) was to purchase a second box of Hexon Boards.  I did so, and flocked half of them with my earth coloured ground foam from Woodland Scenics.  And from that time on, the rest of the boards remained unflocked.
Well today, I had time to flock the rest.  And as it took the better part of the day, I decided to record it here for posterity.  Probably not the most exciting thing to post about, but to me this is really exciting, even though I should have done it a couple of years ago...!

And the second unexpected change of direction?  Well, I have decided to give myself a painting challenge and a half.  With a deadline.  And I can thank Daniel Mersey in the first instance, and Ubique Matt in particular for this.  What am I talking about?  The Pikeman's Lament.  I'm really excited about this game for many reasons.  I've always wanted to game the rather ill-named English Civil Wars, or the Wars of the Three Kingdoms as I prefer to call them.  I even started a collection in G+World, although nothing happened beyond its first post.  I can see it transforming into a TPL collection before my eyes...! 

As I've almost completed painting up my miniatures for the next three upcoming games, I've been looking for something else to do.  And in this period of precious little finances, I've been looking for projects to undertake that I can complete because I already have enough miniatures to allow me to do so.  And as I own the Pike and Shotte starter set, which never got started because I soon realised I would never have the time or patience to build two suitable sized armies to play the game, let alone have a gaming surface large enough to play it on, this seems like a perfect opportunity!

Now The Pikeman's Lament isn't due out until January of next year, so I'm hoping this will give me enough time to actually finish two forces for the game.  And let me assure you, this is something I've never been able to achieve in a little over thirty years of gaming!

And of course, thanks to my flocking those Hexon boards today, I'll now be able to field a nice large 6'x4' layout for TPL and many other rules, without having to resort to my old battered polystyrene boards.

And all this fun when I don't have two brass pennies to rub together!  Who'd have thunk?


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