Hobby? What Hobby?

Don't ask me what happened to May. I found myself so busy taking on extra work to pay the bills that I only got one day off the whole month. And as for hobby, well I got 2 hours one Saturday morning and that was about it.

I know, depressing, right?

All this meant that my poor Napoleonics haven'the even been based properly.
However, I am rather proud of the Voltigeurs I made.

 If my diary is to be believed, June is shaping up to be a bit better. But I'very hit a hobby snag. You see, I'm so determined to to a good job with painting my miniatures that I'm worried about trying to paint my Napoleonics when I'm so tired. Too many fiddly bits to risk ruining them.

So I'very decided to try and do something different. A side project so to speak. Something to sit on my paint station and encourage me to have a go if I have an hour spare (here'so hoping! )  And that way I can come back to my Napoleonics when things get a bit easier for me.

All being well, I should be able to post something soon and let you see what I'm up to. Just think of L. Frank Baum on a bad day...!


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