Aiming for Albatrosses!

Zombie Golf is a supplement for All Things Zombie, the Origins Award winning game of survival in a zombie infested world, published by Two Hour Wargames.  It's a free supplement available here: THW's Zombie Golf  if you haven't got it yet, you really should head over there. Now!  You know you want to!
Zombie Golf - Supplement for All Things Zombie
Anyhoo, the world is filled with zombies and survivors that would as soon take you out as talk to you.  But hey, that doesn’t mean you have to give up having fun. All work and no play makes you a dull boy, remember?
 Zombie Golf delivers an easy to play Pitch and Putt golf game. We originally decided to play it as a one off stop in our ATZ campaign a little over a year ago.  A kind of one off, just for the fun of it, what harm could it do kind of way.  One game.  But it was so much fun that we played multiple sessions.  I blogged about some of the fun here: Bogeys, Eagles, Pars and Fore! here:There's a Zed on the Fairway! here: What a Pair of Aerosols! and here: PGA World Tour Z.
Sometimes an opportunity comes along to spend the better part of a day war gaming.  Not very often, mind.  But when it does, it can lead to a lot of planning.  You know the kind of thing. What shall we play?  What do we need to get ready?  Have we got enough snacks in?  Can I justify painting something new for the game?
Except this time it was different.  Zombie Golf!  Yes, others may spend a fortune on golf clubs, golf club membership and a small mountain of golf balls in preparation for ruining a decent walk.  But we will be gathering in a few days with our small collection of Wargames Factory miniatures, some hexon terrain boards and woodland scenics foliage.  And surrounded by a selection of biscuits, and multiple mugs of tea, we'll while away the hours in the comfort of my lovely home playing golf.  And taking down some Zeds.

In fact, I got so carried away with the anticipation of this lovely event that I went and designed a proper score card for the game.  Silly me for never doing this before.  I should have known Ed Teixiera was onto something with this Zombie Golf malarky!  Here's how it turned out.
Roll on the golfing!  The blogging won't be all that far behind, I can tell you!


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