The Yakuza for A Fistful of Kung Fu

I confess I am a big fan of the Osprey Wargames rule sets. I like the price. I like the games. I love the concepts. Maybe I like some more than others, but there's certainly not a dud among them as far as I am concerned. And over time, I hope to be able to play them all. Now that's not something I can say about all of the rules I've invested in over the years...

Perhaps the defining difference between them is the number of figures required to play them. That alone will affect the speed with which these things will get played. And since I spend ages scratch building scenery for everything, and have one of those jobs that doesn't have set hours and basically means you work all seven days of the week as standard, you can appreciate how hard it can be to find time to paint miniatures.

On the odd occasion I have tried painting these last couple of months, things have't gone well. The mojo had certainly left the building. This was both sucky and infuriating.

And then a rare thing happened. I found my workload ease. No evening appointments. Of course, the cynic would point out that's because the funding for my work has run out and I'm on the two month slide to impending unemployment. But let's shrug that one off for the moment. Besides, I'm hoping to get an interview for a new job soon!

So I gingerly reached for my Yakuza gang from North Star, and dared to start painting. And the mojo came back!

I don't know if it's because I'm more relaxed. After all, I have no idea when I'll get to use the figures. But at the end of the day, that's not the point. The point is I've been able to enjoy a part of my hobby I love and thought I'd lost the ability to do.

Now that's surely worth celebrating, isn't it?

Two more to go, so I'd best get back to it!


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