More Musings...!

Well, there has been much head scratching, scribbling of designs, throwing them out and redesigning them since my last post.  And it now all seems pretty clear to me.  If by clear you mean mud, and by pretty you mean carnage, that is!  If you haven't read the last post, go and do so, or this blurb will make even less sense to you.  Seriously.

Right, welcome back, or sorry for the hiatus. (Apply whichever is applicable!)

According to ATZ, there are really three locations for encounters in the game.  Each will need a different approach.  The first is the big city, which my last post was all about.  Basically I'm aiming for wide streets, with mock frontages around them like the picture below:

This will be my first project.

Secondly, we will need towns.  I'm going to apply the same principle of mock frontages along one of the edges.  This will consist of a number of shops, and will probably look something like this:

I'll then make a couple of freestanding buildings and allow the rest of the board to be an open park, probably with a church.  I've a Wild West one that will fit the bill nicely.

And then, finally, there are the rural settings.  I think I'll go for a diner on a highway, as this will simply mean making the diner, some drop-on roads and signs, and put them on top of my usual 'green' gaming boards.

And since I'm starting off the campaign in the city, it seems to logical to make these items in this order.

Right, I really do need to start working on some foamcore.  I was going to describe how I intended to make the city in this post, but it will make more sense with progress shots.  So until then, thanks for stopping by!


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