Razing the Skyline

Or the closest I dare to get to modern city skyscrapers on a 4'x4' surface!

Armed with little more than a stash of foamcore, a steel ruler, a couple of ball point pens and my craft knife, I set about making the first of my buildings for ATZ.  What I'm aiming for has been discussed on some of my earlier posts.  Essentially it's meant to end up looking something like this:
No pressure there then...

I'm having to deal with only four 'buildings' for my layout. "What?!?" I hear you cry, "Have you not read the rules?  Do you not realise you are supposed to have n+nD6 buildings on a city layout for ATZ?  What are you thinking?"  Let me explain.

Firstly,it's a 4'x4' board.  Secondly, I'm building four rectangles.  They will have more than one building in each.  Thirdly, don't forget the vehicles I'm going to be putting on the board.  They count as 'buildings' for the rules in other areas, so they are going to do the same in mine.  And D, it's not my fault american roads are soooooo much wider than those on my side of the pond.  Fifth and finally, I don't have space for another project requiring so may buildings.  And as much as I'd like more, I can't.   I'd like to make a Battle for Walmart board, but I don't have anywhere to store it.  And storage is a big issue.  Especially when you see the list of projects I've got queued...

I decided to concentrate on one building at a time.  And here's the first one drawn onto the foamcore.
 I had a struggle with getting this far.  I soon realised whilst laying out my plans on the foamcore that my usual measurements for historical buildings were too small.  I forgot how fond we have become of 8'x4'.  Looking to model railway scenery for inspiration, I concluded I needed to make each floor a centimetre higher.  It's all a question of proportions really.  And having a miniature on hand helped me to keep things looking right.

The next photo shows the individual pieces after they have been cut out.  You'll notice my usual preference for adding joints to make the building stronger and therefore less likely to warp when painted.
 Here's a few shots of my dry fit.  Whilst I'm sure I'm doing this to make sure that everything has been made properly, I'm really doing this so I can see what the finished product is going to look like.  I'm a bit impatient like that!

And that's all I have time for tonight.  I've been using my computer to design the window frames.  I'll print these onto card to save time measuring them out individually by hand. I reckon this will save me a lot of time, especially since I've managed to give myself 21 windows and two doors on the smallest building alone!

The next step will be to use card to bring out different layers on the building's surface and then put in the windows.

More to follow in the coming days!


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