Signs of the Times

Admittedly, I've been struggling with the signs for my buildings.  I want them to look as realistic as possible.  And although I like to think I have a steady hand with a brush, there's no way I can paint these things by hand.

So I went and had a look online.  Now, there are some laser cut MDF signs available from Gamecraft Miniatures, and they look very nice.  But since this project was all supposed to be about making as much as possible from scratch, I decided to forgo that option and make some myself.  Which of course meant trawling the net for examples.  And I can say there aren't that many that look authentic.  I manages to copy and paste a few, but there wasn't all that much.  So that option went out the window very quickly.

All of which made me realise I needed to stop faffing around and actually design some myself on my computer, print them off and glue them to the buildings.  Which I did.  I then used a felt tip pen to edge the pieces of card.  This is an old tip I remember reading somewhere in the early eighties...

As you can see, I'm also fond of the occasional pun or historical reference in the names I've chosen for some of the signs.  For example, the attorney at law is one John Wesley Hardin, a real person, and in fact a real lawyer.  Just don't mention the 41 people he killed before he got into the business!

I'm really happy with the results and am looking forward to designing the signs for my remaining shops.  Oh, and finish painting the saloon / house of ill repute and the undertakers.  Then The Town with No Name will finally be ready for gaming!


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