Where'd It Go?

You know, I was certain I'd written and published a post about my batch painting failure. According to my facebook page I not only wrote it, I saved it and shared it. But I have no idea where it has gone! A click of the link takes me to my latest post.

Grrrrr. Technology. Pleh. Must have hit a button somewhere in my sleep.

So, just in case you hadn't realised, I've given up with the whole batch painting thing. I just can't do it. So little to see for a painting session. Therefore, in a desperate attempt to recreate the almost poetic desciption of this painting revelation that has been sucked into The Interweb of DOOM, I present the condensed version of what I can remember.

Pity help us all.

I can't batch paint. Blah de blah de blah. Focus on one figure at a time blah blah blah. Can be weeks between painting sessions blah blah want to see some results for the time I spend blah blaah fed up spending hours painting base colours blah blah High Elves look like they've been attacked by a three year old wih a brush. Had enough blah blah. Want to paint something else. Blah blah de blah blah. Paint one at a time blah blah focus on each figure blah blah. May take longer blah blah but I'll see something for my time. Can't afford to replace a botched figure. Blah blah. Enjoy a session rather than clock watch blah blah.

So, in conclusion, I'm painting what I want when I find I have time. This will take the stress out of batch painting clock watching. Which will lower my heart rate. So I'll probably live longer. Which'll give me more time to get my figures painted.
Bonuses all round then!


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