The Fickery Work

There comes a point when you have to start on all those time-consuming little jobs. The ones that help make the model that little something special. The ones that add an extra dimension of reality that capture the eye. The ones that are normally so small and fiddley that you don't really want to do them. And so you persevere anyway, despite having your fingers covered in stringy strands of glue, each attracting every offcut of card on your cuttting mat rather than that 5mm strip you're actually trying to stick. And even though you're wondering if anyone will notice the bits you're doing, you know within yourself its all going to be worth it. Even when you step back, admire the fruits of your hours of labour and wonder if there's anything visibly different!
Well that's been my experience today. A whole session dedicated to steps. Small steps. Leading to and from the boardwalks. There's been points when I wished I hadn't bothered. There was a moment when I realised I would need a lot more of them than initially thought. Which almost made me want to go into a corner and cry. With my fingers stuck to random bits of card and uhu wisps flapping in the air like spider threads.
But what would be the point in that?
Sometimes the devil's in the details. Tonight was no exception. But heaven's in the finished work. And what would be the point going to all this trouble to stop short when fickery details try and make you give up?


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