WaT: Aha21 Kits and Models

As you know, I've recently had some serious fun playing What a Tanker! by Too Fat Lardies.  I've settled on 1/72 scale for reasons I explain here.  Of course, this meant I needed to buy some tanks.  I've purchased some Armourfast kits. Each box has enough parts to allow you to make not one but two tanks.  This makes them seriously well worth the money!
Of course, if you only need two tanks, then you are committing yourself to two of the same.  However, if you have a look on eBay you'll find some sellers giving you the option to buy a single sprue/tank for a really good price. 

Now I confess, I was a little worried about this.  Armourfast kits are designed for simple assembly.  They go together very nicely.  Much more easily than my experience with FoW 15mm scale Shermans let me add.  They are lovely and robust kits with a lot of detail on them.  But if you've purchased a box, you'll know that the instructions come on the box.  And you're not going to get the box with a single sprue. 

I've been making kits and assembling miniatures for more than thirty years.  I know I made myself sound old, but I really did start when I was young!   So it really should make no odds, right?  Some of the kits only have ten parts after all.  Well...yes... But I had my doubts.  I'm not an expert on tanks.  I know where the wheels and track go and what a turret looks like.  But this didn't stop me from worrying.  What if I put something on the wrong side? How silly would that be?
So I did what any worry wort would do in these circumstances.  That's right. I procrastinated.  Twiddled my thumbs.  And then eventually, when my desire to get a StuG IV and a Panther Ausf D grew greater than my fears, I went ahead and ordered one of each. 

And that's why I want to give a shout out to the seller I purchased from.  Aha21 Kits n Models is run by a lovely gentleman by the name of Jeff.  He shipped my order very quickly.  He also refunded me part of the cost of one kit as he combined postage.  I know this can happen, but I hadn't even considered it as an option.  The kits are at a really good price already.  So the first I knew about it was the email confirming this had already happened.  For a poor adopted Aberdonian, saving cash is a major bonus!
But this wasn't all.  Oh no. 

I expected a jiffy bag to come in the post.  What came was a proper sturdy cardboard box.  And when I opened it...well, what can I say.  This is what I saw!
Yup.  Underneath the invoices, each frame was in an individual resealable bag.  This is more than I expected.  And I hope you can see what else was in there?  That's right, a photocopy of the instructions for each tank. 

How awesome is that?

As far as I'm concerned, this kind of customer care goes above and beyond my expectations.  The least I can do is blog about this and hopefully send some more sales his way!

Of course, I spent my spare time at the weekend assembling and painting them.  And then on Monday Andrew came round for a game of What a Tanker!  He played the Germans and absolutely destroyed my Shermans.  I really need some more tanks...
Thankfully I know where to go..!


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