WH40K: I Love the Smell of Flame-Grilled Smurf in the Evening...

I thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to play another game of Warhammer 40K recently.  I was really excited to face Andrew's Daemons of Tzeentch.  If memory serves me right, this force was built for Age of Sigmar (which I haven't had the joy of playing yet).  Our game would be a chance to see how the army fared when thrust through the warp into the far future.We were fielding Power Level 50 armies.  I love playing Power Level games. We were also using the Open War deck for the first time. As always, I was blown away by the spectacle of the armies on the table.  It might surprise you to know that this is the first time I've ever faced a Chaos force.  I know, right?  I've been playing 40K since Rogue Trader.  You'd be forgiven for thinking this should have happened long ago.  But it didn't.  Why?  Because everyone I gamed against had Eldar.  Many still do.
I should apologise for the AdMech codex in the first picture.  They weren't on the table.  It was there because we were discussing them.  It's another force I'm planning on collecting.  And yes, I know I'm still assembling my Beastclaw Raiders for AoS, and yes, I'm working away on my Cadians.  And I'm building a Death Guard army.  And a Blood Angels force...  Boy am I back into GW in a big way!
I was going to write a battle report about what happened.  But I haven't.  I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.   The game only lasted two turns.  You can't do a decent AAR on a two-turn game. It all began when my dice rolling took a turn for the worse.  This, as I'm sure many of you are aware, is really not good news.  I'm universally detested by any dice I roll.  To be perfectly honest it's a good job I love the hobby in all its forms.  If I only liked it because I liked to win then I'd have given up a long time ago.  I'm the wargaming equivalent of Charles the Bold.  I really should build a Burgundian Ordonnance. But no, on this evening, in particular, the dice decided to really hate me.  We guessed about 60-70% of all rolls came us as 1's.  Even when my captain allowed me to reroll my 1's, almost every one of them came us as 1's.  I used my CP's to allow me some rerolls. I did get a couple of 2's.  Most were 1's.  I'll never forget the look on Andrew's face when he said with a deadpan face, "Stiubhart. Get some new dice."
There was another reason the game ended abruptly.  Flamers.  Deep Striking, blue scary flaming flamers of Tzeentch flameyness.  Thet arrived on turn two and flame-grilled my left flank.  And when that big ol' scary Lord of Change raced across the table and slammed its fist into my Vindicator I thought it was all over.  Except Andrew rolled some 1's.  Perhaps it was a good job we called it there...

I was massacred, but it was a wonderful game despite my lamentable dice rolling.  I'll be expecting to see those Daemons again!


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