Lion Rampant: The House of Lancaster

I have to say, it is great to finally have some hobby time. What is especially wonderful is that my return sees me back in the Wars of the Roses working on my Lancastrian force.  I'll be using Daniel Mersey's Lion Rampant to play this period.  My retinue is a little bigger than the standard 24 point size in the rulebook.  When it's done it'll comprise the following units:

3x Foot Men at Arms @ 18pts
2x Expert Archers @ 12pts
1x Expert Foot Sergeants @ 6pts
36 point retinue

I find it incredibly therapeutic to be back assembling some of the wonderful plastic miniatures from the Perry Twins. There's such a peace in taking time to put together an army you've dreamed of for so long. All the hopes; the planning; the selection of your rules of choice, and waiting until you can afford to own the miniatures themselves culminates in the magical moment when you are able to start putting them together. I find it a great joy, and something to be treasured and never rushed. 
Plastics give you the opportunity to individualise and personalise your army. It allows you the chance to add your own creative touch to the army you've dreamed of fielding for so long. It's like you're breathing life into your research. There's no point in rushing and ruining this stage. After all, you're going to be using these miniatures for the rest of your life.
 As you can see,  I still have a long way to go.  Each square of Ferro steel stuck to the bottom of my Really Useful Box is waiting patiently to keep a miniature safe between battles.  I've completed the Duke of Somerset and the Earl of Northumberland and their standard bearers for my command stand. It's not something required in the rules and it only counts as a single model. But I think it really makes your commander stand out. My casualty markers are based and ready for painting. I've made the remaining five men-at-arms to accompany the command base.
This evening I returned to this project after making some 15mm FoW miniatures for Chain of Command.  I have to say that I was in scale shock to return to 28mm as everything seemed huge in comparison.  It wasn't until went and got my Unterfeldwebel and put him beside the first three foot men-at-arms that I understood why I was feeling this way!
And here's the complete six-man unit.  The magnetic discs I apply to the underside of my bases can be seen in the foreground. 
 And finally, here's the total number of models made so far.  I'm looking forward to being able to return to work on these in the coming week. 
And if you are wanting to see what the Yorkist force they will be up against looks like, you can see the finished build here.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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