IHMN: My Company Character Sheets

As the excitement builds for our globe-trotting adventures in Victorian Science Fiction, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't organised my character sheets! Whilst my company has already been organised and presented here on my blog, it wasn't in a format that I consider ready for gaming. Call me OCD, or blame encroaching senility, but I like to have more than the stat line to hand when it comes to playing.  The more relevant information I have to hand, the less time I'll spend flicking through the rulebook. 
As a result, my character sheets include movement values, weapon stats, armour and traits.  I alter my movement rates dependant on the effects of the armour they are wearing. I'm finding this is not such a big issue with IHMN, but it's really important in Blood Eagle where there are multiple combinations to remember.  I don't add any speed modifier to these numbers as I refer to the stat line for that.  This saves me from the danger of adding it twice. 
And of course, for those moments late in the evening when you forget which model is which, I like to stick a great big picture of my model on each card!
I've designed these character sheets on Publisher.  They are set at an A5 size, which is far too big to consider printing.  But it's great for getting all the details in.  I convert the finished file into a PDF and upload it to my Google Books.  I can then read it quite happily on my 7" tablet when gaming. 
 With all the relevant details to hand, it's easy for me to get on with the gaming...
 ...although there were a few occasions in Blod Eagle when I completely forgot about Hero Points.  And they were clearly marked on those character sheets.  Sigh...
 ...senility seems to be winning out over OCD methinks!
As always, thanks for stopping by!


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