Blood Eagle Character Sheets

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to my Character Sheets for In Her Majesty's Name, I thought I'd share those I made for Blood Eagle. These served me well for months of happy gaming. And to be honest it's rather nice to talk about Aethelweard once more.

These were the first gaming sheets I had made at the larger A5 format on Publisher. Everything I had done up to this point was playing card size.  They were printed on card sheets, cut to size and placed in card protectors.  And whether they were for Saurian Safari, Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters, The Rules with No Name, Eat Hitler! or one of the many other games I've enjoyed in recent years, they were great fun to design and make.  But they all had the same problem. There's a trade-off between the amount of stuff you can cram in whilst keeping it legible.  This is what made me try the larger format and use my tablet to view them.  Of course, this adds another benefit: you can play about with colour to your heart's content! You're not worried about how much ink it's going to take to print! 

As you can see I was playing about with transparency and building up the finished result by applying a number of layers.  The pictures of each character are photographs of my painted miniatures. I photographed the models on a plain white backdrop made from a curved sheet of paper.  I then imported the picture files into the Prisma app and turned them into the drawings you can see on the finished character sheets.

I hope you like the result!


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