Quick Tip: Solving Slidey Model Syndrome

If you've seen my new blog Imperial Dispatches, you'll know that I've recently gotten my hands on a truly amazing amount of vehicles for my Cadian army. I'm a very lucky man. Of course, storage is now the thorny question.
I use Really Useful Boxes to store my little men. I apply steel sheet paper to the boxes and magnetic discs to the bottom of my model's bases to make sure they stay in place. My friends gather at my home for games so they don't have to travel far. But they do live in the loft. So they need looking after.

All of which led to much headscratching as I tried to figure out what to do with my tanks. Whilst there wasn't the shadow of a doubt about using RUB's, I didn't know how to keep them in place inside the box. It's not just about protecting the delicate parts of your model, its also about preserving the paintwork you lavish upon them.

I considered drilling holes in the tracks and inserting rare earth magnets. But I wasn't convinced such a scutter was either practical or worthwhile.

And then an idea struck me. I simply needed something to stop them slipping around in the box.
What I needed was a non slip mat. The kind of stuff you get from home supply shops. I was away out to try and get some when my awesome wife went into one of the many cupboards in our house and returned with a whole roll of the stuff! How wonderful is that? She's a keeper.

Interestingly enough, the non slip matt is made of small connected squares. It stands to reason that when you cut through a row of them that you're cutting at right angles. You'd think that...
...but you'd be wrong! Anyhoo, it doesn't matter because you can just push the stuff into place. 
And there you have it! Vehicles that stay where they are supposed to, protected from sliding about and getting chipped and damaged!


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