Jinkeys, That's Not a Mask!

Much fun was had last night as we set the table for our last game of Fear & Faith using the Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters supplement. As with all these games we're using the wonderful Lego minifigs and sets from the Monster Fighters and Scooby-Doo range.
For this game we decided to ditch the points system and just put everything on the table. It probably meant that the Scooby Gang were going to be hopelessly outnumbered, but that didn't matter. It all just looks so cool!

We decided that the gang had to interrupt Lord Vampyr's despicable plot to raise the original Lord Vampyr. He was being aided in this ritual by Zombie Chauffeur, Lady Vampyr. The catering was left in the barely capable hands of Frankenbutler. This of course was all happening in the Castle.
Dear those pesky Manbats. There's always one perched on a castle turret waiting to strike!
As for the Scooby Gang, they were set to enter from the opposite table edge...

And here they come! Velma leads the way with her map and magnifying glass which as you an see actually works! Yes! I know! How awesome is that? Close beside her is Fred and a slightly bemused Scooby. Bringing up the rear is Daphne with her camera and Shaggy with the key to the castle's ancient gate. Oh, and a rather oversized burger. Just because.
With my force in place, the enemy troops began to appear. Some did so in the more obvious areas such as this Swamp Thing in the...well...the swamp.
And this Triffid. Really should have created a stat line for this!
So here we are at the start of the game. All the Gang had to do was cross the board and thwart the evil Lord Vampyr's plan. Two actions of disruption word being victory to the Scooby Gang. On the other hand, failure to do so would plunge the world into eternal darkness, create a living hell on earth and yada yada, you get the drift...!
The next dice roll determined our encounter was taking place at dawn. The sun would rise on the second turn over rolled by the evil player. When that happened any vampires would suffer a -1 to their quality for all rolls. They would also turn to dust if they failed two activation dice. Things began to look up for our intrepid heroes.
Next the dice roll decided a storm was taking place. Fog and rain meant visibility was greatly reduced for shooting. In reality this didn't mean much at all since none of our minifigs were carrying ranged weapons. So if you can imagine the absent fog, here's what happened. Cue sound track:

In a complete shock to the system, I managed to win the initiative and go first. Velma chose to lead the way, one eye on her map, the other on the view through her magnifying glass. Daphne and the Scoobster followed suit before I failed two activation dice and caused a turn over. Talk about ruining a perfectly decent start!
Ahead of them were the Zombie Bride and Groom. This was clearly not the best time to roll a turn over.
Definitely not. Three activation dice were filled for the ghost. Three activation dice were successful. As a result, the ghost could transport itself anywhere it wanted on the board. That'll be right in front of Fred then, thank you very much.
Then the rest of them began shuffling their way towards the gang. Please note the werewolf in the top right of the next photo. He'll be important later. Sigh.
Scooby-Doo decided to make a dash for the castle gate.
Shaggy and Daphne were hot on his heels. (It might not look like that, but Scooby has a long move so gets there faster).
Please also note the swooping arrival of the Manbats from above.
The Zombie bride rushed (!) to attack Scooby, who turned and fled. Velma tried to come to his aid, but the dice were detesting the gang, causing another turn over, and the Manbats swept in for the kill.
Here's the bigger picture. Fred and the ghost keep attacking each other and causing knock backs.
See what I mean?
And again...!
Suddenly, the Swamp Thing attacks Velma and Scooby manages to kill the Manbat! I did not see that coming! (It looks like the Zombie Groom saw none of this coming at all...!)
Oh look! Another ghost! That'll be fun for Fred...
Meanwhile another pesky manbat has appeared, the werewolf charges into Scooby and Scooby runs off into the swamp.
And while the Zombie Groom continues to do nothing, that pesky manbat attacks Daphne.
And kills her.
Shaggy tries desperately to get to the castle gate, Velma fudges her attempts to wreak vengeance on the Manbat causing another turn over...
...and the Zombie Bride attacks Shaggy, knocking him to the ground.
And then the werewolf joins in. Thankfully he causes a turnover and I breathe a sigh of relief.
Fred rushes in to the attack and kills the Manbat with his torch!
Shaggy gets a turn over, but managed to use his one action to stand up!
The werewolf charges. Shaggy fails a fear test and runs away. The werewolf charges again. Shaggy again runs away. Maybe he wants to share his burger with that Triffid...
Meanwhile, in a fit of fury, Fred knocks the Zombie Bride to the ground and Scooby moves to the gate!
Meanwhile, Velma runs screaming from the Swamp Thing!

The werewolf charges in but doesn't quite reach Fred who in turn watches the Zombie Bride get up. He knocks her to the ground once more as Shaggy dashes past him with the key outstretched to Scooby.
Scooby takes the key from Shaggy, spends his second action unlocking the gate, and opens it!
Fred dashes inside. And just when our heroes needed it the most, the evil Lord  Vampyr fails his action dice, causing a turnover!
Scooby-Doo rushed into the attack, charging Zombie Chauffeur. Shaggy dashes inside and begins battering Frankenbutler with his burger. Fred dashes into the fray with the evil Lord Vampyr.

And just when it looks as though the Scooby Gang are about to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat...
...and Velma appears to be more interested in the fantastic flora than the mission at hand....
...Fred fumbles his dice, and is killed.
With the death of their leader, a fear test is called for. And you know what? They all run.
Clearly right into the claws of that pesky werewolf...
Which is where we decided to leave it. It might not be exactly cannon, but it does go some way to explain why Hanna Barbera had to do that series with just Shaggy and Scooby!

Once again, a fantastic game system from Andrea, made all the more fun by the use of Lego.

I'll be sad to see this game relegated to the sidelines...


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