Blood Eagle Update

Hi all!  Just got time to squeeze in an update. As you'll probably know from this blog, I've spent a number of months playing the excellent Fear & Faith from Ganesha Games. We've been using the Lego Monster Fighters and Scooby-Doo ranges for scenery and miniatures. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable time gaming with poseable mini-figs. It's quite unlocked the inner child in us all, I have to say.
Of course, you'll also know that we're bidding a fond farewell to Fear and Faith and stepping into the gruesomely entitled Blood Eagle from The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare (Look it up if you don't believe me!)

And as if that wasn't enough I've had my arm twisted to play some games of Zombie Golf as well. I know. It's a hard life!  This is great as I am able to introduce a new player to the game. Unfortunately I've recently realised that I don't have enough miniatures of my own painted for this. And it launches in less than a fortnight. Eek!
Of course, this means that there shod be plenty of posts appearing in the coming days as I try to get everything done in time. After all, Blood Eagle launches on Monday. And that's not many sleeps away!

So for the moment, let me introduce you briefly to two monks praying to get out of my base mix box...
Where they eventually join their chums in anticipation of being painted. These are Perry Miniatures. Now I'm sorry if you've just got yourself all excited that the Perry twins have just launched a new Dark Age range. I wish they had. But they haven't.
These are the CU28 set from their Crusades range. Technically too late to be classed as Dark Age, but equally technically fine in terms of the clothes they are wearing. I know Gripping Beast make a few monks, and indeed civilians, but they don't float my boat. I much prefer the proportions of a Perry sculpt any day.
If you're not fond of this then watch out. In the coming months I hope to add some pilgrims as civilians. And some peasants from the Agincourt to Orleans range too. (I can feel myself being excommunicated from the period as I type!)

Right, I'd best go and get on with it.  After all, my paint station is full of geese in the foreground and hens in the background.  Both sets have been painted and are awaiting flocking.  But don't say it too loud, because the Anglo-Nubian goats are feeling jealous as they have only got their undercoat on.  Even their bases have more paint on them than that!
As usual, feel free to ask any questions about my shenanigans in the comments section below and I'll do my best to answer them.  

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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