Anglo-Saxon Weekender Roundup!

Well that was a busy weekend! Despite having a lot of work and appointments, I spent a lot of time working on my Anglo-Saxon stuff in the hope I would be ready for tonight's inaugural game.

I'd spent my time during the week working on my animals from Warbases. I had decided to go for a grey undercoat since I had seen so many examples of it on the old interweb. However, I couldn't bring myself to have a grey undercoat on the bases since I was relying on my tried and tested method of painting them. This led to my paint station being filled with grey miniatures on a black base. Most disconcerting indeed!

Perhaps I should explain. I undercoat my bases black. Once dry I then apply layers of dry brushed English Uniform. I don't mix it with black. I allow the successive brown layers to build up the shade. Black undercoat is great for this sort of thing. After about three layers of dry brushed brown, I then take a much nicer looking fine brush and paint all the stones with khaki. When that's done I apply a small amount of stone grey to the stones to act as a highlight. Of course, a lot of this effort is lost under the flock, but I always make sure that some of it pokes through. But more of that process later.
My time on Saturday was spent on my buildings. I finally managed to paint my Chieftain's Hut as you can see above and below.
 I then spent a little more time dulling down the paint job on the two houses.  Some of the timbers were just too uniform and bright.  I was much happier with the finished result.
And then I turned my attention to the church.  I was apprehensive with this one as I needed my painting style to effectively mimic stonework.  But the job needed done, so i gave it a go...and was absolutely delighted with the result! 
Here's a few in progress shots.  I won't go into any details here though, as I wrote all about this in a separate post which you can read here

I then turned my attention yesterday to my fauna.  I had purchased some of Warbases' wonderful animals range; namely the chickens, the Anglo-Nubian Goats and some Geese.  It was the goats that I needed to get painted.  Whilst I knew I didn't have time to paint my six monks, I was so flushed with the success of painting the church, I knew I had to try and complete one of them...

And I got so carried away with my painting (which was surprisingly more enjoyable than I was expecting it to be stressful) I completely forgot to take any photos of this process.  Honestly, you'd think I was working to some kind of a deadline.

And then, as the shadows were lengthening and the sun was going down (which is quite late in this neck of the woods, I can assure you!) I began the process of flocking my models.  I do this in a number of stages, all glued in place with my PVA glue which I apply in dabs with an old brush. Preferably in odd numbers.  First up you can see a couple of hens fighting to breathe as i sit them in my first layer, Woodland Scenics' Green Blend turf
After this first stage, they look like this:
Then I dab on a few spots of PVA and apply my static flock.  I use Noch Sping Grass.  I like the colour.  The photos here don't do it justice as they were taken with a conflicting light source.  However, time was of the essence by this point, as I was considering using some match sticks to prop my eyelids open!
And as if that wasn't enough, I then go and add even fewer dabs of PVA and apply some Woodland Scenics Medium Green and Dark Green Coarse Turf.
And that completed my basing!  here's a few photos of the models in better lighting conditions.

And because it's been so long since I painted them, here's some photos of my Anglo-Saxons!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to stop this blogging malarky and go and set up for our game of Blood Eagle!


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