Bring on 2017!

A belated most Happy New Year to you!

Ill health has caused both a delay to my usual New Years' Day well wishing, reflection on the hobby that has been the previous year and my intended plans for the new one.

So without further ado, here's the link to last year's hopefulness.  So let's see what I managed to do...(fingers crossed!)...

Eat Hitler! The Nazi Taste Treat
Success!  With the use of my ever trusty Hexon boards and Woodland Scenics trees, and the timeous addition of some aquatic plastic foliage that traveled half way round the globe for a ridiculously cheap price, we certainly enjoyed a lot of sessions of this wonderful game. Eat Hitler is a deceptively simple game with a lot of tactical (read Anarchic) depth from Pulp Action Library.  Go and get yourself a copy here for 6USD, you'll be glad you did!

In fact, we loved it so much that we went on with the Lost world theme and play some games of Saurian Safari from Chris Peers.  Much fun was had, I can assure you!  It might not be Studio Tommahawk's Congo which went down tremendously in the gaming community, but it's brilliant.

 And with all this fun on the go, and the cost of Congo being too great for my budget, I remembered Adventures in the Lost Lands from Two Hour Wargames.  we haven't gotten round to gaming it yet as I need to purchase some cavemen and restless natives to do it justice. A few luggage bearers would be useful as well.  So expect this variant of the lost worlds theme to hit the blog and my gaming table at some point soon...ish.

All Things Zombie Rebooted
In usual fashion, we start well, but soon end up watching it all come undone.  This is certainly the case for rebooting ATZ from the excellent Two Hour Wargames.  What caused this?  Well, the combination of a lot of things, but most notably the warping of the boards which meant I literally had to start work on the scenery from the ground up.  You can read some of the work here. Needless to say, work and time didn't help the process, and this project remains incomplete.  However, more of this later!

Weird War Z
My own variant of THW's ATZ, NUTS! and CR3.1 for gaming the Zombie Apocalypse during the closing weeks of the Second World War is something you'd have expected to see happen.  It didn't.  The rules were finished, the models were painted, but the scenery never got finished.  I have to say though, the Building Bavaria '45 posts were among the most popular of 2016 and provided the inspiration for some work in the Golden D6 which I remain completely gob-smacked about.  You can see the kind of stuff I'm talking about here.

Judge Dredd
And once again, there's been precious little done here as well.  On the plus side, I managed to get my Judges painted as you can see.

But as far as scenery went, I hit a wall.  I wanted to make the interior of Mega-Blok.  But I couldn't get past the movement restrictions such scenery would cause.  I was adamant I didn't want to make a simple plaza.  And then I hit a notion that might just work: use my city base boards.  Ingenious, right?  Well, yes and no.  On the upside I have now a clear view of what I want to achieve with this build.  On the flip side, I'm not going anywhere with this until the base boards are completed.  So whilst this hasn't happened yet, it is something I hope to see come together during this year (fingers crossed).

Tomorrow's War
Excuse me a moment while I go away and cry...

...And we're back.  This was actually a simple idea.  A fillibuster idea.  You know the sort, something to fill in between planned games.  We were going to use our 40K models for this.  No biggie.  Until we sat down and thought about it, of course!  You see, we soon realised it would be cool to use some of our other figures.  You know, ones that aren't painted yet.  And then we decided it would be cool to both purchase more miniatures (because you can never have enough) and make some original scenery for the game.  And as a result, the idea got punted down the batting order.  Which meant it hadn't a hope of making it into the year.

What Did I Actually Game in 2016?
You know, that's a really good question.  One that had us scratching our heads.  We think it ran something as follows.  X-Wing, Eat Hitler, Zombie Golf, Saurian Safari, More Zombie Golf (yes, it really is that good!), Zombie Golf with Sand Traps (Homespun rules that Ed himself gave the big thumbs up to on the THW Forum (humbled!)) and Fear and Faith with Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters supplement thrown in for good measure.  With Lego Monster Fighters as miniatures.  Poseable.  So, so awesome!

So What's 2017 Going to be About?
Well, I'm trying to be more productive this year.  Difficult to achieve with three jobs and studies, but there you go.  I really want to increase my painting opportunities, and I need to get on top of making scenery.  So I expect my blog will have a mixture of both.

We've decided that the next three games we're planning to play, all being well, are Blood Eagle, A Fistful of Kung Fu and Judge Dredd.  As far as painting miniatures goes, I'm ready for all three as I write this post.  What I'm not ready for is the scenery.  So I'll be following up my most popular post of 2016 on wattle fencing, with some Anglo-Saxon buildings and set dressing items.  I'll then be back to my modern city boards for A Fistful of Kung Fu where I'll be making some Chinatown scenery as well as some more generic city buildings.  And then, I'll be able to start work on Mega City One!

And as far as painting goes, I've decided to focus on my Napoleonics and my 1/35 WWII project.  There are lots of periods and games i could have gone for, but I've decided to focus on those periods I already own enough figures to field opposing forces with a set of rules I already have.  I can't really afford to do otherwise.  But to my mind it makes perfect sense to use what I have.

So if nothing else, 2017 promises to be eclectic and full of the kind of scenery projects that I hope will entice you to click on the Follow button over there on the right of your screen!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hopefully encouraging you to have a go at making some scenery and tackling your own lead and plastic mountain!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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