Building Bavaria '45 Day One

A few weeks ago I went ahead and committed to the launch of my own Weird War Two rules.  Well today I realsied that I have less than three weeks to go to our first gaming session of Weird War Z and I have not made any scenery for it at all!  I know I could have just gone for some trees and fields, but I wanted the scenery to ground this game in Bavaria, Germany in the spring of 1945.

Which is an interesting problem in and of itself.  If you run a search online, you'll see lots and lots of options for purchasing pretty much anything you'd like for Normandy.  Of course, the Eastern Front is the other option that has a lot of scenery in plastic and MDF, pre-painted or not.

But anything specifically German?  Nope.  Not a lot at all.  It's kinda hard to get anything German in general, let alone anything for Bavaria.  You can see this is a trip off the beaten path.

But I'm resisting the temptation to give in and set it all in Normandy.  I have good reason to.  You can read all about it my reasoning here if you are so inclined: The Truth is More Terrible than My Fiction

So, armed with a few photos from an international youth exchange trip to Regensburg and Munich a long time ago, I set to work drawing out my plans onto some off cuts of foam core.

 I spent the better part of the day working on these, and I have to say I'm rather pleased with the results.  There may not be all that much to see just now, but please check in over the next few days to see the progress.

 I'm relying on my usual joints to add strength and durability to my models.  of course, a big reason in choosing to do this is because I'm using foam core from old POS advertising.  It's not as flat as the stuff you buy from the craft shops. Most of my sheet and off cuts have a little warping.

 I'm rather enjoying this scenery project.  Who knows, I might actually be doing something rather original here!


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