Dorothy's Gang

Not had a lot of time for hobby recently, but have just spent an enjoyable hour or so basing my next set of Miniatures for painting. These are Dorothy's Gang from those talented chaps at Studio Miniatures.  Excellent sculpts with very little flash. Really looking forward to painting these!
 First though, I had to work on the bases.  I like to get the messy stuff out of the way as much as possible before I paint a model.  I'm using some embossed styrene sheet with a rough stones pattern on it. My circular cutting tools was ridiculously cheap from The Works many years ago. It may be cheap, but it's done me proud on many an occasion.
 Once the styrene was cut and glued in place,  I added the miniatures. I used to spend ages pinning my models. Until I discovered the superglue did just as good a job on its own. This saves me the hassle of drilling all the way through a foot or shin.
And after that, it was just the case of adding some little patches of my rubble mix.

These excellent miniatures have bags of character. I look forward to using them in All things Zombie, Fear & Faith, Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters and quite possibly Adventures in the Lost Lands. And that's just for starters!

Bring on the painting!

You know...when work allows!


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