An Eagle at Last!


Welcome golf fans to Riverside Resort, a nine hole course that has remained open to the brave since the outbreak of the Zombie Apocalypse a couple of years ago!  This once-beautiful course is but a shadow of its former self, but of course it's hard to get a decent ground staff these days... 

And that's perhaps no wonder, because as you can see in the first photo, our intrepid golfers arrived to find three Zeds evenly spaced across the course.  Their position affords maximum potential interruption to the flow of our first hole, a 60 yard distance between tee and cup.  And as you can see, we have the usual copse of trees and dense underbrush conveniently bisecting the direct route to the cup.  You'd be forgiven for thinking this were deliberately stacked against them.  
Our golfers for tonight's game are, on the left, Tigress Woods, whose steady and unflinching focus on her game in the face of decomposing horrors is fast becoming legendary.  Playing against her on the right is Annika DieGulfer, who so far has become possibly the greatest Aerosol the game has ever let loose on this or any other course.
Things got off to an uneasy start as the Zeds took the initiative and began shambling in the general direction of our golfers.
Tigress Woods plucked up enough courage to drive her ball down the fairway, keeping to the left of the copse of trees.  It landed a planned yards from the tee.  Annika decided to go for the opposite route, driving her ball a full yards from the tee. She walked forwards, drew her pistol and took a shot at the Zed away to her right.  The bullet found its mark, but did no discernible damage.
It did however manage to attract another Zed behind her to the right...
Unfortunately, the Zeds appeared to be quite active and seemed to be activating a lot more than our golfers.
Soon Annika found herself ruing her decision to take the path to the right of the copse.

Tigress was determined to come to Annika's aid, bravely charging into the nearest Zed. She won the combat and dispatched her opponent with a lucky Pop the Weasel shot.
Unfortunately the Zeds and Annika seemed to be gazing at each other in wonder of what would happen next.  Tigress Woods continued dashing round the copse to Annika's aid...
...while Annika fired at the nearest Zed.  She failed to cause any damage...
...although she managed to attract another couple of Zeds. And then, to make matters worse, the Zeds charged in.
And while Annika proved to be of little use in melee, Tigress managed to shoot one of the Zeds.  Unfortunately, the remaining Zed sunk its claws into Annika, who fell to the ground with a scream. Thankfully Tigress was able to shoot it before it began sinking its teeth into Annika.
Unfortunately, while all this was happening, those two Zeds I mentioned earlier managed to creep up on Annika...
By this point the game of golf had quite obviously been forgotten, with only a solitary stroke each being played.  Tigress decided to put her iron to good use and swung at the nearest Zed.
And promptly managed to get herself stuck in a protracted melee.
After a number of rounds of combat, Tigress Woods did manage to dispatch her opponents.
Unfortunately, her pop the weasel shots attracted another Zed...sigh...
Tigress had enough time to leave the Zed alone and check on Annika.  Unfortunately, she had serious wounds and would have to retire from the game. Double sigh.

Good job that Annika's twin sister was waiting in one of the cars in the parking lot then!

So with the score card reading 'First hole abandoned due to horrific injuries', Anikka and Tigress moved on to the second hole.

This one should be a lot easier, only 40 yards from tee to cup.
Anikka took her shot, carefully balancing her skill and power...and managed a hole in one! An Eagle at Last! In response Tigress drover her ball 42 yards.  At east it was on the green.  All that stood between the golfers and the cup was a solitary Zed...
As he drew closer, both golfers fired their pistols and the Zed was killed.
Of course, all this noise drew three more Zeds to the resort...
Tigress' second shot rolled round the lip and popped out.  A further gentle tap sunk the ball in the cup.  At least she was on par.
Riverside Resort's third hole was another 60 yard distance.  Once again it was bisected by a copse of trees.  Tigress Woods was obviously annoyed by her performance at the last hole, smacking her ball a full 62 yards to left of the copse.
Here we see Tigress lining up her second shot with a clear view of the cup.
Meanwhile Anikka has chosen the opposite route once again, driving her ball 38 yards.
Tigress' second shot sends the ball 30 yards, placing it a foot beyond the cup.  Anikka's second shot travels 40 yards and overshoots the cup.
Of course, while all this genial ambling around the third hole has taken place, that group of three Zeds had begin to get perilously close.
The chase was on!
This might look bad...
...but the wide angle shot reveals the true horror of what was about to happen!
Luckily, with some judicious shooting and a successful application of the iron to the back of the Zed's skull, all three Zombies were dispatched and our golfers were able to return to the third hole.  Tigress managed to tap the ball in to remain on par.

Anikka's third shot came up short, her putt left the ball four feet away from the cup.  She took her fourth shot, watched the ball roll around the lip of the cup...and roll right out!  She tapped it in, but what could be worse than a double bogey?

Oh wait..that's right...learning that Annika had succumbed to her woulds and would turn int a Zed by the morning.  That's worse than a double bogey.

And so, sports fans, our evening's entertainment concluded with an eagle, a double bogey, and a double tap in the back of Annika's head.

Next time, the fourth hole and beyond!


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