Anyone for Tents?

After weeks of very little time for my hobby, I'm delighted to have had a couple of hours today to do something a little different. I decided to look out some plastic tents from Renedra that I purchased a few years ago from Perry.
The great thing with these tents is their versatility. I had originally purchased them for the Napoleonic period, but my plan is to use them for our next game of Saurian Safari. To be honest they'd look great on any table covering the last two hundred years or so.
These tents are certainly robust. They'll endure a lot of gaming. Not that we're rough on our scenery.  It's s just that making something like this out of balsa and cartridge paper or tinfoil will always be a delicate piece on the gaming surface.
I decided I wanted the tents to look used rather than pristine. I didn't want them to be a pale sand colour. I opted instead to use a base coat of khaki and then highlight up to a stone grey. Pure stone grey highlights were used to accentuate the folds and edge the tent sections.
I'm really looking forward to seeing these on the table for our next game of Saurian Safari. I should add that I also painted a camp fire that comes with the set. I didn'the manage to take a photo though as it has been liberally covered in static grass to finish the piece. It just look like a grassy mound right now. You also get two camp beds with the set. You can see the parts in some of the photos above. Sadly I didn't have time to make and paint them.


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