The Wars of the Three Kingdoms

I've always been fascinated by the wars of the three kingdoms. And for almost as long as I've been reading about this period, I've been wanting to wargame it. It was only after purchasing Tercio back in the late eighties that I began to realise how many fugures I'd actually need. Because I knew I'd need two armies to play this game. Everyone else my age was only interested in all things Games Workshop.

Of course, I kept reading the history books and pondering different rules. In the late 90's I managed to track down a copy of Warfare in the Age of Discovery. I'd previously purchased the skirmish rules Sword and Pistol which made me want to look more at armies than skirmishes. So once again, the issue of cost made me look wistfully at miniatures ranges but not take the plunge.
I purchased DBR and was dismayed to find I'd need even more miniatures. I went back to the notion of skirmish games once more and purchased Mars Redux.
And then along came Warlord Games and their plastic ranges for the ECW. Which meant that I had to look into the available rules. I purchased Field of Glory: Renaissance. Which required just about as many figures as DBR. I purchased the Pike and Shotte starter box with all the plastc lovwliness and the wondefully self-indulgent rulebook. And blast it, I like the big regiments in it. I like it a lot. But I don't have a wargaming surface the size of a football pitch, so no go once again!
And then I stumbled across The Perfect Captain's website. Which led me to Tinker Fox. And Spanish Fury. And I loved the tone of the whole thing.

So I decided to create a collection on Google+ to record what I hope will be my journey towards realising my hopes on the wargaming table. The posts might be somewhat erratic, given the variety of projects I can pick and choose from. And they'll probably reference this blog a lot. But I hope the journey will encourage both myself and anyone kind enough to read my ramblings to take the proverbial bull by the horns and have a go at this wonderful period in our nation's history.


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