Dinosaurs and Time Travelling Nazis!

Much fun was had last night as we played two games of Eat Hitler! It was great to make use of the new jungle plants I spoke about in my last post. They seemed to work wonderfully well, and blended with the base boards. But I'll let you be the judge of this for yourself as I present a few snapshots of some wonderful moments from last night!

First up, the Hexon boards are laid out and I can't resisit adding some water sections and the new aquatic plants.
Next up the other aquatic foliage is added. At this point I was starting to get really excited by the amount of foliage on the table.
And then I added some trees.
After which I took some random photos of the board before the fun began.

Of course, it wasn't long before the Gallimimuses and Compsognathuses began to arrive...
And some Utahraptors take centre stage ahead of their smaller cousind the Velociraptors.
Here we see Goring with a Waffen-SS twat in tow admiring his new-found surroundings, blissfully ignorant of the fact he'll soon be viewing it all from the insides of a T-Rex...

One thing I really love about this game is the opportunity is affords to really fill the table with herbivores and carnosaurs of all shapes and sizes. Literally.

Here's the moment Hitler and his personal bodyguard met some Gallimimuses stampeding away from a T-Rex. This all led to a roll on the wonderfully named 'Herbivore Versus Nazi Table.' Hitler managed to jump out of the way in time, but the poor SS man was trampled underfoot.

Poor Goring managed to get eaten for a second time. Here's the moment just before he was ripped apart by some Velociraptors.
The foliage may have looked wonderful, but it wasn't good enough to hide this poor SS man cowering away from impending doom...
Those hungry Velociraptors turn their attention to Adolf...

While a Dwarf Allosaurus bears down on his missus, right under the nose of a Triceratops...

Nazis from Artizan Designs; dinosaurs from HLBS, Tamiya and Airfix; boards from Hexon; everything painted and flocked by myself.


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