Trampling the Ground Underfoot

(How many different titles can I find for posts about basing my minis...?!?!)

I'm delighted to be able to announce that I've finished making my box of Wars of the Roses Bows and Bills from the excellent Perry Miniatures!  As you can see, I only had 18 made at the time of the last post.
You may remember that I had originally started work on these miniatures for DBA.  This meant hacking away the old unit bases and mounting them on Renedra 25mm diameter circular bases.  It also meant that I went a little too overboard on the number of banner bearers, but what the hey, they look pretty!  And now with the rest of the figures made, my retinue is really beginning to take shape.
It's based on the simple retinue list at the end of Lion Rampant, consisting of the following units:

1x Foot Men at Arms @ 6 points (Foot Knights)
1x Expert Foot Serjeants @ 6 points (12 Bills)
2x Expert Archers @ 12 points. (24 Longbowmen)

I was happily working with my rubble mix and super glue.  Until the glue ran out, that is.  Unwilling to stop this far in, I decided to revert to the glue I used to use.  Of course, I don't have any cheap PVA glue left either, so I had to use my proper Evo-Stik stuff.  You know, the proper stuff I usually only reserve for gaming boards.

The process involves putting the glue on the base, making sure it goes only where its needed with a brush.  You can't do that with super glue.  And I have to say it was rather nice to be able to be accurate with a brush rather than hopeful with a nozzle.  I could get used to doing it this way again!

 And here's the same miniature after the mix is applie.  I confess I tend to place some strategic clumps of the bigger rubble before submerging the base in the mix.  It guarantees more of the stones are visible on the finished base.
 Of course, the astute of you will realise that I'm two miniatures short for my above retinue.  The Bows and Bills set contains 40 miniatures.  I need another couple.  So you can imagine how delighted I was to find a seller on eBay offering individual sprues from Perry Plastic sets.  Now, in an ideal world, I'd have purchased a whole box of WotR Foot knights.  But since I don' need that many for this game, and my finds are very tight, I'm grateful to have a sprue of these lovely miniatures.
 I'll make them when I have the funds for a second box of Bows and Bills, because I may juggle around some of the miniatures in the foot Knights units.  Anyhoo, here's some shots of the last group of models to be based.

Right, time to let this lot dry, methinks!


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