Tidying Under Zombies Feet

Never thought I'd be writing a blog post with a title like that, but there you go...

We last left my thirty Wargames Factory Zombies assembled and stuck to their 25th diameter Renedra bases. Of course, the only problem with this is the extra height caused by what I can only describe as a splodge on which the model sits.  (Please,  if you know what these things are called,  do let me know). This, of course, can be remedied by cutting the aforementioned splodge off, but I decided against this as I wanted them to stand about the same height as my survivors. They are also from Wargames Factory, which by the time of their release came with their own bases that are about twice the depth of my go to base of choice. So whether I knew what to call it or not, the splodge was here to stay.

So I mixed up some poly filler (being all out of milliput) and applied it to the bases. All thirty of them.  A bit time-consuming,  and a rather messy process. So much so that I wasn't able to take any photos. Anyhoo, once they had been left to dry, they looked like this.
 The finish is perfectly fine if you're going to paint it brown and apply some flock. But it is in need of some more work if it's going to represent concete.
Because this finish just won't cut it.
 So armed with one of my trusty dental probes, I set to work smoothing them down.
Of course,  by the time I'd got to this stage, there was an almighty pile of plaster dust down stage right of the Zeds, not to mention the fine layer of festive snow on the models.
A quick dust with an old watercolour brush soon cleaned them up where the now await an undercoat.


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