Basing the Nazis for Eat Hitler!

Basing your miniatures shouldn't really be all that difficult, but it has been in the case of these Nazi officials and their lackeys.

As you may well remember, I sourced these miniatures from Artizan Designs and have hacked at them and painted them to represent some of the vilest people to have walked this earth.  It wasn't easy to find a model of Adolf Hitler in 28mm, I can tell you.

So why the delay in basing?  After all, they are for Eat Hitler! so anything remotely Jurassic should be okay.  But it wasn't.

The models were stuck onto some 25mm Renedra bases and miliput was applied to level things out.
 Which is the point at which procrastinations set in.  Surely it would be okay to flock them and add the occasional bit of stone?  For most people, it probably would.  But you know me, right?  Why go for something straightforward when you can complicate matters.  So I left them for a few weeks and procrastinated.

Then a couple of days ago I decided enough was enough.  A decision had to me made.  So I had a look at my models for Saurian Safari and decided to base these miniatures in the same way.  So as well as having the milliput, the bases were covered in super glue and I applied my sand and rubble mix.  This is made of sand, ballast and cork chippings of various sizes.  I normally use it to make rubble bases as you can see on my Volkssturm and Hiter Jugend miniatures.  However, for these bases, i would be using the sand to represent grass.  Kinda takes you back, doesn't it?
Of course, this is completely the wrong way to go about basing your figures in this way.  I would normally apply this base before undercoating the miniature.  Coming to this job after finishing painting isn't exactly the best.  It's quite a messy process which can leave unwelcome sand and brush marks on your finished miniature.  This happened a few times on these bases.  Very frustrating.

Anyhoo, after leaving plenty of time to let the glue dry, I set about undercoating the bases in black.
 Then it was time to mix my first dry brush of green and black.  Once done, a lighter dry brush of the original green was applied.  Then, localised highlights of green with a little yellow were added.  The next stage is more laborious as I apply a mid grey mix to each of the stones and debris.  Then I add a dark brown to any areas that did not get covered in the rubble mix.  This happened a lot around the models feet. I then added some slightly lighter brown in the middle of these areas.  With this finally completed, I applied a dark brown wash over the stones and in selected areas of the grass.  When dry they end up looking like this:
 Of course, I then have to reapply the black edging I put on all my bases.
I think this looks fine for Eat Hitler.  It also seems suggestive of these figures standing in the rubble and ruin of their Third Reich.  And that warms the cockles of my heart no end, I can tell you!

 Can't wait to see what the carnosaurs manage to do with this lot!
As always, comments and thoughts are gratefully appreciated!


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