The Disappearing Act Redux

I'm delighted to report I've painted my final figure this morning for Eat Hitler!  This will of course actually mean I can post something on the paint Table Saturday community!!!!

And so I present to you my Martin Bormann.
The model is Major Kreipe from Artizan Designs' Thrillig Tales range.  Honestly, I can't big these miniature up enough.  They are full of character, have virtually no flash whatsoever and are an absolute joy to paint.  Mike Owen is simply legend.

Now I know the purists are probably turning in their proverbial graves at the thought of using this figure for the head of the Party Chancellery.  They're probably looking at this post and arguing he didn't have a scar, or wondering about the historical evidence for the monocle.  Some will argue about the uniform colour, or the form of officer's cap he's wearing.  but to all such people I simply say this:  Get a life!  This is for a game of Eat Hitler! for crying out loud. Historical accuracy isn't high on the agenda!

I simply had to have a figure to represent him on the games table.  After all, he was the executive head of the Volkssturn (just to excuse my continued absence from painting that unit...) he curtailed Himmler's influence, he sidelined Goering, signed Hitler's political testament, and acted as witness to Hitler's marriage to Eva Braun.  He also witnessed Hitler's suicide.  But that hasn't happened at the time of Eat Hitler!
 Of course, nobody knows what happened to Bormann.  According to Erich Kempka, Hitler's chauffeur, he was killed by the explosion from a Russian anti-tank shell that hit the tank he was escaping in.  Erich had been temporarily blinded by the attack, but claimed to have seen Bormann's burned body.
 Artur Axmann, a Hitler Youth leader, claimed he had committed suicide.  he said he had seen his body on 2nd May 1945 north of the River Spree in Berlin.
 However, there have been numerous sightings of Bormann recored after the end of the war.  He was spotted in a north Italian monastery in 1946.  After his wife died later that year, it was claimed he had escaped persecution via Rome to south America.  It was said he had escaped to Argentina where he was living as a millionaire.  He was also claimed to be living in Brazil and Chile.

Who knows.  Perhaps he was transported to the Jurassic period by a malfunctioning time machine?  
All that remains now is to get the bases flocked and get in some games!  Eat Hitler! is produced by Pulp Action Library and s available from their own website as well as on Wargames Vault.


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