Best to Strike while the Mojo is Flowing!

Well I'm delighteed to announce that I have been able to compete my Yakuza gang for A Fistful of Kung Fu.  Of course, I like to be able to use as many of my miniatures across gaming systems where possible, so expect this lot to feature in All Things Zombie, Fear & Faith and pretty much anywhere else I can find a use for them!

This is a lovely set of characterful sculpts from North Star.  Not a great deal of cleanig up to do on them, and only a few mould lines needing my file's attention.  They have been a blast to paint, and it has been nice to paint some metal miniatures.  To be honest, I'm going to miss not having more of them... 

To be quite honest, I'm at a loss to decide what to paint next. Best to go with the flow and see what takes my fancy.  There's definitely something to be said for painting without deadlines.  Of course, I need to get them all properly based now.


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