Frostgrave Terrain Test

Well, I decided it was high time I stopped humming and hawing and have a go at a test piece of scenery for Frostgrave. I love the idea of skirmishing among frozen ruins. But like many wargamers,  I don't have a winter baseboard to game on. Which means having to work from the ground up. Quite literally.
If I had the money I'd buy some wood or Styrofoam to make the bases with. But with the usual lack of both, I'm using my trusty foam core.  You know, the usual stuff I've got from POS advertising in stores. I must confess, the stash has seriously dwindled in recent months, most notably during the city build for ATZ.
Anyhoo,  I wanted to try something different with this build.  I wanted something that would pack away neatly and still maintain maximum variation for gaming purposes.  I therefore decided to do something different.  I'm making fifteen bases, each 30 cm X 15cm X 3 cm high. These will be individually scribed with flagstones. Some will have ruins built on them along various edges. When they are placed together, this should give me a huge number of possible layouts, far more than I can hope to achieve simply by making some drop on terrain.
Because I'm using foam core throughout this build, I need to give it some rigidity.  Otherwise the pieces will warp. To work, I really need them to sit together nicely.
This meant using some joints to help reinforce the shape. I think I may actually add an extra support along the middle to add more stability. Particularly when I can't use any joints on the top for fear of affecting the design on the top.
Incidentally,  as I worked on the flagstones, I began to get flashbacks to all those illustrations in the early Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery books. Takes me back a few years, I can tell you!
And here's the dry fit of the parts.
Next stage will be adding rubble debris, painting it and adding scenic flocks and some snow. Trouble is I'm really excited about making another one with some ruins on it...

As always,  please feel free to add your comments below!


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