Put Your Foot Down and Drive...

When we last left our intrepid survivors, they were speeding away from a horde of Zombies, Chantelle's legs still sticking out of the window of the shiny black sports car the Bazinator had found the keys for.  The others were speeding away in the SUV Rick had managed to procure.  Everyone, that is, except Gus who was left driving TheBendyBuz and wondering why he was bothering.  After all, the only occupant was Alec, who by now was waving and making faces at the Zeds as they went by.  That'll be 38 empty seats then.  So much for covering their exit.  Still, at least he had a few Zeds as splattered mascots hanging limply from the grill...

Now, since life had managed to intervene spectacularly, the Diner wasn't ready for our game as we had hoped.  So we decided to make the most of a bad situation (a good attitude to have during the apocalypse) and put the vehicle rules to good use to try and simulate Gus, Rick and The Bazinator's desperate drive to the safety of the sticks.  

We set the table, and added the survivors vehicles.  You can see them in the top centre of this next photo.
 Then came the Zeds.  We decided to put all 36 of them on the board, evenly distributing them 9 to a quarter.  This is a 4'x4' area.  That's a lot of Zeds.  We decided they would move towards the nearest vehicle when they were activated.  The problem facing our drivers would be the ability to successfully navigate their way across the board.  Kerbs would present the same problems as driving off road.  And as tempting as it is to mow down as many Zeds as possible, each gives you a 1 in 6 chance of losing control of the vehicle.  Which makes the following setup at the start of our game rather worrisome!

 It looked like a good idea to aim for the space to the left of our entry position.  But it would all come down to the activation dice to see what would happen...
We decided to roll only two activation dice each turn.  This was simply because vehicles move every activation phase.  As we were dealing with a 16" long bendy bus on a 48" board, we didn't want to move three times in a turn.  We thought this was a GOOD IDEA until we had rolled those activation dice and realised that with Gus and Rick in the driving seat, we would need to roll off each activation to determine which of the vehicles activated first.

First up then was Gus, who chugged TheBendyBuz forward a massive 6", which is half the vehicle's move distance.
 This allowed him to bash into a Zed.  Unfortunatley it wasn't Obviously Dead (OD) and was bashed to one side.
 Then Rick activated and the SUV charged ahead into the vacant space, worried that it was about to be cut off by TheBendyBuz.
 The Bazinator couldn't have activated because of the high roll. But thanks to the vehicle rules, every vehicle moves each phase.  So in typical style, the black sports car roared ahead.  It looked as if he was determined to create a two car, a bus and an RV pile up in the process.

And then the Zeds activated and began closing in...
 Next turn, Rick activated first and the SUV accelerated, running down and killing a Zed, and stopping not far short of another.

 Meanwhile, Gus slammed on TheBendyBuz' brakes to avoid taking out the back end of the SUV and the Bazinator showed a rare glimpse of common sense and slowed a little to avoid a parked car in favour of a journey down the bus lane.
 And then the Zeds lurched their way towards the vehicles once more.  Gus had applied the brakes in his activation, so now TheBendyBuz was considered stationary, and the Zeds could attack.  Gus hopped out of the driver's seat, grabbed his assault rifle, opened the front door and sprayed the Zed with lead.  He then fought off two others with the butt of his rifle before dashing back to the driving seat to pull off again.
 Rick increased his speed and reached the opposite edge of the board
 Closely followed by The Bazinator and Chantelle.
 Rather unsurprisingly Gus and Alec were bringing up the rear.
With all the survivors off the board, we reset the vehicles and rolled a D8 to determine which edge of the board we were due to enter on.
Here we are, entering at the same speeds we had when we went off the board.  The next job was to turn the Zeds to face the direction of the vehicles.
 The Bazinator had to continue along the bus lane, sowing down to avoid the garishly pimped vehicle that lay abandoned ahead of him.
 Rick drove on ahead, with Daryl firing his crossbow out of the window.  He OD'd a Zed.  Everyone else did nothing.  And then the Zeds decided to close in...
 The bus accelerated, flattening three Zeds and sent the fourth flying off to the left.  By now we were simply replacing every Zed that had been killed wherever there were spaces on the board.
At least Rick and Gus were making enough noise to attract the Zeds their way.  We thought it was good thing, until we realised that they were littering the road right in front of The Bazinator.
The Bazinator had no choice but to slam on the breaks, make a 90 degree turn and seek an alternate route... 
Right through the middle of the board.  For having such a bad Rep, he wasn't doing too bad a job!
TheBendyBuz accelerated off the board, splattng Zeds to the left and right.
The Bazinator followed close behind, revving the engine as he sped along to his safe exit.

Our games of All Things Zombie are played with the original 2005 origins Award rules from Two Hour Wargames.  I know they have been updated since then, but as far as we're concerned, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this original set.  We've fought our way through the city centre at the outbreak of the Zombie apocalypse.  We've had some games of Zombie Golf.  And now we've been able to use the rules to go on a mad drive splatting Zeds and dodging abandoned vehicles. Awesome stuff. 
What more could you want?*

*Save for a better cover.  This one sucks.  But then again, if that's our only complaint, it has to be a great set of rules!  Thanks, Ed! 


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