American Diner: The Pane in the Glass

In a desperate bid to prove that I haven't completely forgotten about this build (honest!) I thought I'd put up some shots of my American Diner.

I'm at the awkward stage of putting all the windows in.  The first job involved edging all the windows.  I did this with my trusty cereal packet card.  I fit the tops and bottoms first, adding the two sides afterwards.
It's a rather fiddly process, but I've always found this stage strangely therapeutic.  You can't rush it, you see.  All the pieces need measuring and cut accurately. So you have to take time and accept that a rush job will give you more work.
Especially when it comes to the fiddly jobs like the doors.  I clearly like to give myself challenges...!
With this done, it was time to paint the interior black.  I must confess this was a hard decision.  With so much open space in it visible through the windows, the temptation was to fully detail the interior.  But as I'm playing ATZ which abstracts all the action within buildings, this seemed wholly unnecessary.  It would have been nice though.  Instead, it all got a good coat of black acrylic.
The next job was to cut out the window frames.  I'm using white card for this job, and measuring everything out carefully using my metal rule and a sharp pencil.  And an even sharper knife to cut them out.
Yes, they are that fine and fiddly.  You should see the joy it creates when it comes to gluing the acetate to the back of them to represent the glass.
Once they are inserted, they look like this.  Please note that I've only attached the really long curved window at the bottom so far.  It's completely unattached at the top.  I did this simply because it seemed a good idea to get the bottom half in place properly before trying to level up the thin piece of foamcore at the top of the window.
Here's the second largest window in place.  You should be able to see the pencil marks on the reverse of the window frame.
And here's the smallest windows on the building.  These are the toilet windows.
This is the second largest window viewed from the outside.
And here you can see the main doors into the Diner.  
These progress shots were taken over three different build sessions.  My American Diner may be taking a while to come together, but I believe the end result will be worth the effort.  More will follow in the coming days!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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