One Minute I'm in Central Park (Why Should I Worry?)

Well, as it turns out, we had every reason to worry.  And to think it was supposed to be a walk in the park!
 In their bid to escape from the city that really didn't sleep, Rick and Gus had decided the best thing to do was to cut across the park.  Maybe even hole up there for a night if they could find somewhere quiet enough.  Their RV was long out of fuel, and they had lost Pam in their dash across town.
 This was the journey that lay ahead of them.  All six feet by four feet of it.  Across a road, over a hedge and through the woods to safety.  It was supposed to be that simple.
 The reality was somewhat different.
 We rolled 2D6+6 to determine the number of Zeds on the board.  We rolled 13 Zeds, and were delighted (sigh) to find their locations.  Yup, that's right.  Two big knots of the the pests either side of the lovely bendy bus that blocked the path in front of us.
 As the activation dice were rolled, my lot (Gus, the trusty star and leader of the group; Bazinator with trusty chainsaw; Kendra de wamp-ihr sla-yah and the babbling idiot formerly known as Alec) managed to move twice while Rick and Daryl and the Zeds failed to activate.  We edged forwards, hoping Alec's ramblings wouldn't attract any attention.
 We even made a dash round the bus, hoping to make a dash between the two hordes...
 You can see how well that worked out for us!  With the Zeds all over us, Kendra made a run for it to safety, screaming like mad.  That's the joy of a Rep 2 figure for you!
 Gus managed to get Alec out of the way and began firing on the Zeds.  By now Rick was doing the same.  Unfortunately, for us both having Target 3 weapons, we managed a consistent bout of dice rolling with only one shot hitting the mark each time our leaders depressed their triggers. Depressing full stop if you want my opinion.  Still, it was something I suppose.  But we were soon attracting more Zeds than we were managing to take down.
 Unfortunately the Zeds surged forwards and tried to surround the Bazinator.  Rather than let rip with his chainsaw, the Bazinator failed his surprise check and decided to copy Kendra.  But ran in the opposite direction.  Gus was left trying to cover himself and Alec, wondering how on earth he was going to rescue the rest of his gang.  As the Zeds advanced inexorably on, Gus and Alec crossed the hedge.  Gus was making good use of his sidewalk demon skill, but was still having more success filling the air rather than the Zeds with lead.
 Kendra had decided she'd had enough of this whole apocalypse thing and wanted to keep running.  It was only thanks to Rick's timely intervention that he managed to convince her to follow him.  There was no way she was going to take any active part in the rest of the scenario.
 Nor did I think Gus would.  He was soon surrounded and knocked to the ground.
 Thankfully the activation dice next turn allowed Gus to activate before the Zeds, get back on his feet and fight another round of combat.  Just then some more Zeds decided to join in the melee.
 It just kept getting worse and worse.  The Bazinator had clearly lost the will and was determined to run across the park to the safety of the opposite table edge.
 Gus was charged again at the rear and, according to the surprise check, legged it out of there as fast as his little legs would support his portly belly.  Rick and Daryl managed to catch up with them and they dashed off the board before an even worse fate could befall them.
Honestly, there were times when I really thought the campaign, let alone this scenario, was about to end.  It was bad enough to see Kendra do a runner again.  But when the Bazinator decided to do the same, I thought it would leave me with Gus and Alec.  Which is really just Gus and a millstone around his neck.

Once the sweat had been mopped from our brows, it was time to check for lasting consequences.  Gus had been knocked down and needed to test to see if he had been infected and would turn Zed that night.  With a Rep of 5, he needed to add 1D6 and score a 7 or more to be okay.  Great.  A 2+. My heart sank, as I nearly always roll a 1 on a 2+ roll.  Thankfully this was not one of those occasions.  Gus was okay!  Which is more than I can say for the Bazinator who came to his senses, albeit with a -1 Rep.  He was now as useless as Kendra with a Rep of 2.

Except I spoke too soon.  Kendra was obviously rattled by the encounter and suffered a -1 Rep as well.

Marvellous.  Rep 1.  I dread to think how the next session will go!!!!


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