The Kit Trash Continues...

Time for a quick recap.  This kit trash is my attempt to make a time travelling device, like Emmett "Doc" Brown's Deloran in the Back to the Future films.  The premise is its early 1945 and All Is Not Going to Plan for Hitler and the Third Reich.  The Thousand Year Reich is looking like a sinking ship.  So, in a bid to put his boffins to good use, Adolf orders them to invent a time machine.  His plan is simple.  Go back in time and Put Everything Right.  Of course, the only way Hitler could do that would be to go back to 1908 just after he had been rejected for a second time by the Vienna Academy of Art. And point a pistol at his own head.  And pull the trigger.  However, in this game's version of reality, Hitler manages to get himself propelled back into the Jurassic period, where he finds himself on a dinosaur's menu.

If you want more info about this project, please have a look here: Time Travelling with Va Va Voom! here: Ach, Dummkopfe!and here: Pilot to potentate and Dinosnack.  And you can peruse and maybe purchase a set of these wonderful rules by following this link here: Eat Hitler  Personally, I purchased it as a part of the Prehistoric Mayhem Bundle.  Go on!  You know you want to!

And please, please, please, if you're into plastic scale model making in a big way, walk away from this post now.  I'm making it as a wargamer.  I'm painting it as a wargamer.  And to be frankly honest, I'm probably breaking every taboo in the process.  Leave now.  Before you blow a head gasket or something!

First up for those of you brave enough, the time machine engine gets a huge development with the all new roof section.
And working on the principle that you can never have enough exhaust ports on this kind of thing, the back of the Citroen gets even more.
Then the faffing begins getting the steering wheel and dash board into place.  Thankfully the glue pot came to the rescue to act as my third hand.
 Here you can see the chassis really coming together.
 And with the windows inserted, the two halves are ready for painting.  Of course, the interior is so dark, I've no idea how its going to be possible to see any of the interior. But hey, here goes nothing!
 See?  I did paint all the necessary parts! And I must confess I quite enjoyed it too!
 Once everything was fitted together, the painting of the bodywork could begin. The time machine part was wet drybrushed from a very dark oily steel up to a natural steel, with some parts painted in tin just to break up the colour.  It was at this point that I realised the car should, if it were historically accurate, be painted grey.  Which would look about the same as the metallic time machine engine.  This would make the engine disappear from view.  You may consider it no big loss to lose that lumping great abomination, but I felt that kind of defeated the purpose of this kit trash.  So I opted for German Uniform for the car colour.  Which by my reckoning should have made any remaining purists leave this blog screaming, "My eyes!  It burns!  It burns!" or something similar.  In my defense, I did warn them...!
 For those of you with a much stronger constitution, here's some shots of the completed model.  I even gave in and used the flash, just to make the seats visible in the next photo.

It's time travel, Jim.  But not as we know it.  

Only Boorman and Eva Braun to paint and then we can get on with the fun of Eat:Hitler!


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