Bogeys, Eagles, Pars and Fore!

Why should the Zombie Apocalypse take the fun out of everything?  Yes, even though civilisation has gone to the dogs (well, technically, gone to the Zeds!) there's always time for a bit of recreational golf. And with Wargames Factory obliging us by including a golf club wielding female in their affectionately named set Apocalypse Survivors: The Women, why not?

All of which is made even more lovely by that kind scolar and gent Ed Teixera.  His Two Hour Wargames website has a completely free set of rules which you can access here Zombie Golf  Of course, you'll need a copy of the main All Things Zombie rules to play it.  But considering how much fun those rules are, that's not really a bind. This blog has a number of AAR's of the games we've played of ATZ to give you a feel of what a game is like.  It's good.  Dead good.  Quite literally, actually...!

Anyhoo, first things first.  Here's the female golfer I made from the Wargames Factory sprue. Once I'd painted her, she looked like this:

What we needed next was to organise the board.  And here's another bonus with this game variant. There's surprisingly little scenery to make for this game.  Unless you want to go overboard and make a Club House.  Which I'm not planning to do.  Yet.  There are no sand traps, or water hazards in the rules.  To be honest, I have some lovely pools I may add to the layout just for a bit of variety on the board.  That should be fine to use, as it would just be a one stroke penalty to drop a ball beside it. But I'll leave them to one side so as not to cause problems in the game. The Zeds will do a good enough job of that...

All I really need to do is mark the Tee and the Cup. And where the golf balls land. Now, I reckon that you could easily make do with printed counters. But I didn't want to do that. Clearly I have every need to over complicate things.

I decided to make some simple 3D markers for Zombie Golf, each of them to be mounted on Renedra's 25mm diameter circular bases.  

First up, the Tee.

Quite a simple idea a really.  First a hole is drilled in the centre of the base with the pin vice.  This accommodates a pin.  Once glued in place, the pin is cut flush with the base.  Then  a small ball is made from milliput and put on top.  Hint: I used a small dab of superglue on the pin head to help the milliput golf ball to stay in place.

The two golf balls are simply small milliput balls stuck onto the bases.  These will mark where the balls land in the game.

And finally the Cup, marked out with the obligatory flag.  The flagpole is made from florists wire with a paper flag attached.  It was attached to the base in the same way as the tee was.  The hole is a simple optical illusion, a black hole painted round the pole.
 The base edges were painted black, as I always do. The tops were then painted English Uniform before PVA glue was brushed onto the bases and they were hand flocked in a mix of Noch Spring Grass Static Flock and Blended Turf Earth Blend from Woodland Scenics.  They were then set aside to dry.  A close inspection yields the following view:
I'll post a report soon of how our game of golf goes.  Normally I consider golf to be the ruination of a good walk.  But when you throw in some Zeds and the carnage of the apocalypse, it looks a much more entertaining game!


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